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Health Investigation: Artificial Sweeteners
The Doctors Health Investigator, Liz Vaccariello, researches whether artificial sweeteners are healthy or not.
Rewrite Your Skin's Destiny
Dermatologist and Olay spokeswoman Dr. Doris Day and family medicine physician Dr. Rachael Ross share tips for getting healthy-looking skin.
Dog Shaming
You've seen photos posted to social media sites of dogs with sad eyes and tails tucked between their legs after their owners caught them doing something they weren't supposed to. But do dogs actually feel guilty, and what's the best way to discipline them?
New Nutrition Labels
Food nutrition labels could be getting their first makeover in 20 years. Learn what the new labels will tell you and what they won’t.
Bug Salsa?
After OB/GYN Dr. Jennifer Ashton struggles to eat pizza with whole crickets on top, she says she would try the insects if they were pureed, so she couldn't see their eyes and legs. Dr. Travis makes her eat her words.
Dog Saves Owner's Life
Hear how a German Shepard saved the life of his 80-year-old owner, Jack, when odorless and colorless carbon monoxide gas filled their house. Courtney explains how the dog might have sensed that their lives were at risk.
School that Allows Smoking Breaks?
A British school for children with behavioral issues allows two 10-minute smoking breaks. Find out why The Doctors say the supervised breaks might not be a bad idea.
Skin Condition that Turns Body into Art
Ariana has sensitive skin that rises and becomes red similar to hives after even light scratching. See how she uses the condition, called dermatographia, to turn her body into an ever-changing work of art.
A Bug-Based Diet?
Do waxworm tacos, locust pizza and chili chocolate locusts sound appetizing? Those dishes are often on the menu for Peter, a scientist in England, who has been eating a bug-based diet in an effort to maintain a healthy weight and prevent heart disease. Peter, who advocates that insects offer a sustainable source of nutrients with less fat, joins The Doctors via video.
Banned Ingredients
Food Babe Vani Hari joins The Doctors and raises questions about why some U.S. foods contain chemicals that have been banned in other countries because they've been linked to health risks. She explains that some companies make alternate versions of their products without the chemicals to sell in other countries.
Meet the Food Babe
After Vani Hari made a radical change in her diet, she started a website to help educate Americans about the ingredients in the food we eat. Vani, who is known as the Food Babe, helped uncover that Subway sandwich bread contains a chemical that also is used in yoga mats, and called for Kraft to remove artificial food coloring from its macaroni and cheese.
Dangers of Overcooked Meats
A new study shows that frying and grilling meat could lead to dementia. Find out the best way to prepare your food.
Treating Spring Allergies
Get tips to reduce the amount of allergens you bring into your home, and learn how changes in the weather may affect the amount of allergens in your environment.
Loss of Smell and Taste
What would you do if you woke up one morning and could no longer enjoy the smell of your morning coffee or the taste of your favorite foods? Liz, 47, has been living with the loss of her senses of smell and taste for almost a year. She visits Dr. Ordon at his office to get to the bottom of her distressing problem.
Broken Glass Skin? Part 2
Dr. Ordon and Dr. Rachael explain how various factors inside Jordana’s home may be contributing to her suffering, and offer tips to reduce the amount of allergens with which she comes into contact.
Broken Glass Skin? Part 1
Jordana, 48, says that her face often feels like she’s rolled around in fiberglass. She explains that the rashes on her skin feel prickly and itchy, and sometimes spread throughout her body. The Doctors send her to allergy specialist Dr. Danica Schulte to get the root of her uncomfortable condition.
Male Breast Cancer Part 2
Hear why Bret decided not to undergo cosmetic surgery to reconstruct his right nipple.
Male Breast Cancer Part 1
Bret describes how he felt when he received a breast cancer diagnosis, and the treatment he underwent to become cancer free.
Treating Crohn's Disease
The Doctors visits Dr. Rachael in her office in Gary, Indiana, as she checks in with her patient, Shevonne, who was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease two years ago. Learn the course of treatment Shevonne has been undergoing and how effective it's been for her condition.
Text Message Dangers
Can texting be hazardous to your health? Learn what you can do to avoid lasting health problems from too much time spent on your phone or tablet.
Odd Cravings Explained
Find out what may be causing one woman to crave eating dirt and soap. It may be more common than you think!
Cleaning Tips for Reducing Indoor Allergies
Elycia Rubin, contributing editor for Women's Health and Men's Health magazines, offers cleaning tips for reducing potential allergy triggers inside your home. And, consumer product expert Dr. Gadget shows you two cleaning products that can help keep your floors and air clean.
Miles a Minute Devotional
Watch one of Pastor Miles McPherson’s daily one-minute devotionals called Miles A Minute.
Pastor Miles Intervention: Healthy Changes
The Doctors identify health issues that each family member needs to address. Will they start taking the necessary steps to improve their health?
Pastor Miles on Feelings of Shame
Francine and Chuck’s son Ben joins his parents and Pastor Miles. Ben says he feels ashamed after his wife left him and has turned to alcohol and cigarettes, which threaten his relationship with his parents – and his health.