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How Gila Monsters Help Fight Diabetes
Animal expert David Mizejewski explains how the venomous gila monster's saliva is being used to treat diabetes in humans. Could the medicine work for you?
A Heads-Up on Concussions
ER physician Dr. Travis Stork shares critical information on concussions featured in the The Doctors' HealthSmart column in USA Weekend magazine.
Web Ex.: Cameron Brooke Stanley on Robin Williams
In this web exclusive interview, cancer survivor Cameron Brooke Stanley and her father, Jeff, describe their time spent with late actor Robin Williams on the set of the film "Patch Adams." Hear how Williams gave Cameron the hope she needed to win her battle against cancer.
Put Sleepless Nights to Rest
Do you suffer from occasional sleeplessness? A lack of sleep can have adverse effects on your physical and mental well-being. An over-the-counter, non-habit-forming sleep aid may be an effective way to get your normal routine back on track. Consult your doctor for more information about treating sleep deprivation.
Dr. Phil on Suicide Contagion
Dr. Phil McGraw explains how media coverage of self-inflicted injuries can contribute to an increase in the number of struggling individuals who take their own lives.
Costar Opens up about Robin Williams’ Death
Former "Patch Adams" costar and cancer survivor Cameron Brooke Stanley describes her experience working with late actor Robin Williams. “He was great at making us forget we were sick,” she says.
Wayne Brady on the Stress of Celebrity
Actor Wayne Brady describes the pressure for comedians to be amusing and upbeat, even when they’re not performing, and how challenging that can be. On Robin Williams’ death he adds, “I was shocked, but then I wasn’t shocked.”
Robin Williams' Battle with Depression
On Monday, August 11, 2014, beloved actor, philanthropist and father of three Robin Williams took his own life after struggling for years with addiction, depression and the early stages of Parkinson’s disease. The Doctors are joined by addiction specialist Ken Seeley, who discusses the difficulty of battling a dual diagnosis of addiction and depression. "The important message I think [Williams] would want in his legacy is, 'Look for help.'"
Tips for Better Dental Health
ER physician Dr. Travis Stork shares important dental health tips featured in the The Doctors' HealthSmart column in USA Weekend magazine.
Keratoconus Procedure Explained
Rico, 24, underwent a cross-linking procedure and corneal transplant to treat keratoconus, a degenerative eye disease that causes the cornea to gradually deteriorate, resulting in severe vision loss. Ophthalmologist Dr. Ronald Gaster explains the warning signs of keratoconus and the procedures he performed to restore Rico’s sight.
Corneal Implant for Treating Keratoconus
Ophthalmologist Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler treats one man's keratoconus, a progressive eye disease, with a groundbreaking procedure called Intac placement.
Widow of Ebola Virus Victim Speaks Out
Decontee Sawyer joins The Doctors to remember the work of her husband, the first American citizen to die from Ebola. Patrick Sawyer was working in Liberia, where he likely contracted the virus from his sister.
Ebola Virus Outbreak
Dr. Brad Spellberg, an infectious disease specialist, discusses whether Americans are at risk from the Ebola virus and what would happen if a traveler brings the virus to the U.S.
Shoe Swaps for Painful Foot Conditions
Bulging bunions? Hardened heels? Cracked corns? Podiatrist Dr. Suzanne Levine, author of My Feet are Killing Me, reveals the best shoe swaps for painful foot conditions.
Tips to Burn More Calories in Less Time
ER physician Dr. Travis Stork shares workout secrets for burning double the amount of calories in less time.
Dr. Travis' Workout Tips
ER physician Dr. Travis Stork shares his top 10 workout tips to help you lose weight and get healthy!
Nasal Implant for Sinusitis
Otolaryngologist Dr. Brian Weeks explains how a new nasal implant could change the way chronic sinusitis is treated. Plus, see how Betty is doing three days after surgery.
Safeguarding against Skin Cancer
Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon and ER physician Dr. Travis Stork discuss the best ways to protect your skin from skin cancer, the most common form of cancer in the United States.
The Key Ingredient to Look for in Skin Care Products
Worried about worry lines? Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon reveals which key ingredient to look for in skin care products to help fight the signs of aging.
Seasonal Skin Care Tips
Is your skin dry in the winter and oily in the summer? Learn natural ways to balance your skin through the seasons.
What Causes Dark Under-Eye Circles?
Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon explains what causes under-eye circles. Plus, see an at-home remedy for treating the condition.
Women's Health from A - Z: Ageless Eyes
Learn a low-cost tip for decreasing dark, under-eye circles.
Fat Repositioning Procedure for Baggy Eyes
Jodi, 48, hates the dark bags under her eyes that make her look tired, and is seeking a permanent solution for a younger-looking appearance. 
Treating Dark Under-Eye Circles
Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon explains why dark circles under your eyes occur, and dermatologist Dr. Tess Mauricio shares tips for treating them.
Planning for Surgery
Learn how addressing any and all medical complications and drug interactions before undergoing surgery can save your life.