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  • BLOGS: Side Effects Of Too Much Calcium

    Calcium is an important nutrient for bone health, but new research suggests that older women who take large amounts may be at increased risk of heart disease and death.The mineral, calcium, comes from many dietary...

  • BLOGS: Statin for cholesterol & inflammation

    For anyone taking the Statins drug/medication, or thinking about taking it to lower cholesterol or block inflammation, this is a must read:

  • BLOGS: help?

    I was wondering if any one could answer this For over 4 yrs now I have been having bad right side pain its in my lower side it can move to my back or front...

  • BLOGS: nananurse

    I am on day 14 of cycle 1, and have lost 11#. I have been feeling dizzy, weak, and can't think. It is hard for me to eat all the food. Also my weight has...

  • BLOGS: My Doctor says there's nothing wrong?

    Okay... so here the thing. I have been back and fourth to my local emergency room since September of 2008. But I have been having trouble with my side for a few years now. But...

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