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  • BLOGS: Transvaginal MESH

    I had surgery for prolapse and since have had 4 surgeries to remove, repair and so on. I have had months of Pelvic physical therapy. I did get great relief after the first 2 mesh...

  • BLOGS: First Weigh in

    Weighing in for the first time after 3 days on cycle 1.  Starting weight: 210   Today I weighed in on my wii fit and it says I'm down 5.5 pounds!!!!!!!!!  YIPPEEEE!!!!!!

  • BLOGS: Proud of myself today

    Went on an all day -yyuuugh interview today in NYC and they served lunch-  Since the candidates for the one opening were isolated from each other- I was able to eat the fresh fruit and...

  • BLOGS: feeling Good 2 day

    Well Good I had a few Good evening everyone,I hope all is well with you,or at least as well as can be.I am feeling soooooooooo much better than I did for a few days with...

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