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The Jillian Michaels show

I have to say I am not enjoying the "The Jillian show"! The Doctors used to be my favorite show but now I can't hardly watch. I have always been a fan of Jillian but she just doesn't fit on this show! My 15 year old daughter and I used to watch this every night when we got home and there were alot of discussions going on, but I have to say I feel like I am watching The View! Too many people trying to talk over each other. you could always tell that the DOCTORs actually liked and respected each other now it is like the Jillian show and the real docs make an occasional appearance.. it should be the other way around. Oh and Dr Wendy.... why did you need her? comedy.. that was Dr Jim!

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I'm not sure why the producers felt the need to bring Jillian Michaels on the show every day.  Her abusive, in your face approach made me turn my tv off.  The Doctors is a show with such a wealth of health information.  Jillian's aggressive behavior along with her foul mouth make her sound uneducated and as though she does not belong there.  She needs to quit running the show and give it back to The Doctors.


I'm not sure either, or why they are making her the "star" of the show? That's what kills me. it's not THe Doctors and Jillian it's Jillian and the Doctors.


Im sooo glad Im not the only one! I cannot stand Jillian! She's rude and obnoxious. And does anyone else notice.. SHE'S NOT A DOCTOR!? I dont understand why she is on the show, and I cannot stand that she's becoming a permanent fixture. It makes me want to turn my tv off, and that's a shame because I've always loved the doctors.

I have usually let this play in my office during the 4-5 pm time slot, and never had a complaint from my patients. Recently, however, I have had some older patients, and even patients with children, complain that the show is a little abbrasive for a waiting room. Honestly, after seeing what I have already today, I dont think it is appropriate to leave on any longer. Such a shame that she is ruining a great show!


I am really disappointed with The Doctors with the addition of Jillian Michaels.   I don't care for her abrasive personality.  I have been a fan of The Doctors since the very first show.    I liked the show because of the professional hosts of the show.  I think Ms. Michaels has changed the very character of the show and am very disappointed in the producers choice.  When she is gone and again doctors are the principals on the show, I'll start watching again.


I am so happy I found others who agree with me!!  I do not see what the appeal of Jillian Michaels is, and I don't get why she was added as a permanent fixture to this show.  It is called "The Doctors"... does she have a medical degree??  NO!!  I mean, I don't necessary agree with the addition of Dr. Wendy either, but at least she is a doc, and it makes sense to have a psychologist's POV too.  With Jillian, it's not even like they added her and she chimes in every once in awhile... they basically gave the whole show to her!!  She introduces the show, is in every segment, and she even has her own segments that take up an entire episode.  Like others, I used to love watching this show, I loved the topics and the doctors' info and points of view.  I find myself finding other things to watch now, and that makes me sad.

My husband and I are so disappointed by the addition off Jillian Michaels to your show. She does not bring anything to the table but chaos, confusion and loudness. Her body language and voice are overpowering and aggressive . The energy and the dynamics of the group has changed. This was once an informative, educational hour that we could relax and enjoy. We loved spending time with the original cast.
Shannon Moxcey


I was curious whether other viewers felt as I do about Jillian Michael’s role on “The Doctors.”  I agree with other viewers have said about her, that "Her abusive, in your face approach made me turn my tv off," “Jillian's aggressive behavior along with her foul mouth make her sound uneducated and as though she does not belong there,” and “Her body language and voice are overpowering and aggressive.”


I actually researched her on the internet to see if she had any credentials or merits that would qualify her to even be on the show, because I couldn’t understand why else she would be.  Her expressions and voice tones and body language are obviously contrived, she is blatantly grandstanding.  Her presence on the show detracts from its educational and therapeutic values and overall legitimacy. 

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