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arachnoid Cyst

I was injured in two seperate car accidents.  I was T-Boned in 2004 and 2006 my neck was fused 4 months before I was T-boned.  There were CT/MRI scans taken during the fusion.  There was not an arachnoid cyst before I was T-boned.  I have suffered Severe headaches, I have blacked out while walking, I develop severe facia; pain if I am physically to active I have Fibromyalgia, I have gained 50 lbs. Many trips and MRI's at/to the emergency room has identified a sub araichnoid cyst near the cerebellum, no one (doctors) will address the reality of what it could be doing to my system.  Most tell me I was most likely born with it, OK but a trauma to the brain does what to  a pre-existing arachnoid cyst.  What wasa the name of the doctor that operated on the arachnoid cyst and where is he located?created on: 08/29/09

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You can find information from the Silent Health Threats episode  on the SHOW SYNOPSIS page.  To get there go up to EPISODES, choose TODAY'S SHOW,  THIS WEEK, or ARCHIVES from the drop down menu. Locate the episode you want and click the picture.  On that page next to the Video box you will see SHOW SYNOPSIS along with other links related to the show.  


You will be able to view the segment videos and also on the SPECIAL THANKS page you will find the link to Dr. Hrayr Shahinian's website.


Thank you I did find his site I appreciate the time


I also have a subarachnoid cyst--mine is located between the hemispheres--making it a subarchnoid interhemispheric cyst or midline fossa cyst. I run a world wide support group called arachnoidcystfriends

We have over 300 members on our website. We also have a sister site Arachnoid Cyst Awareness.

Please come and join us to find out more info!


That was from the Medical Emergencies You Can't Ignore show Click on the link for more information.

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