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Jillian needs to go

I don't think I will be watching the Doctors this season. I started watching from the beginning and enjoyed an informative and classy and respectful show based on facts. What is Jillian a 'doctor' of? The other hosts have gone to school and practiced and they add credibility and legitimacy to the medical topics discussed. The other new host is a doctor of psychology. Jillian is potty mouth, adds nothing to the show and quite frankly has significantly reduced the credibility of the show and although in small doses as a guest host may be appropriate I myself cannot take her on a daily basis. Unfortunately, this is one fan the show has lost.

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Was it the "F-bomb" that was bleeped out?  Someone else wrote it was and I am embarrased for the show itself!




The new season of the Doctors has started off badly. Jillian & Cindy need to leave. Too many people talking at the same time. Audio censoring so much I can't understand what they are talking about. Just too  much profanity. Today's episode was very confusing with all the arguing. I believe this show is going in the wrong direction and is not as informative as previous seasons. Clean it up Doctors or you will run the show off the air. It is no longer a show I want to watch. 

Linda Petersen

I am in such an agreement.  Jillian needs to go,  not agood fit for ths professional show. Too much drama.


All I heard today was noise. I learrned nothing. I got agitated, but not informed. Get Jillian her own show, so she can do what she wants, I can NOT watch HER, and I can turn The Doctors back on. I just started watching the show about a month ago, and now goodbye.


I use to think the Doctor's was boring and slow moving.  At least with Jillian it's got some spice to it now.  I hope she stays around for a long time.  I like her get in your face motivation, certainly has helped me get on the right track health wise.


I really agree, so far the only thing that Jullian is doing is running her mouth.  Just because she is into diet and exercise does not make her a professional and certainly not a Doctor.  She does not lnow how to discuss things in a calm manner she just always yells like she is the only one who knows.  Not sure yet about Cindy she could be very different with the usual panel.  I have always respected the Dr's but not sure how often I will be watching anymore.




I'm sorry but I like Jillian but a doctor she's not.. The name of this show is "The Doctors"..  She definitely is not a doctor.. I still Love the show but I having her once a week is ok but not as a regular. 

Totally agree...this show started out so well. Why did they feel the need to add "drama"?? Will not be watching as long as Jillian is in the show.

i think today really brought it alk to the fkrefrint, Jillian was the primary announcer and the Doctors were the back up.  I do nit think i  will record it any more it is just not the same as it has been


i signed up to your website just to tell you TAKE JILLIAN off, i have already stopped recording until shes gone !!! another fan gone.... shes loud and RUINS the once enjoyed show

Oh,please take Jillian off the show. It is embarrassing to watch her!

I agree Jillian needs to go.  I keep trying to watch the show, but Jillian is not a doctor and the shows new format is just not what it used to be, with her constantly in our face about something, while it looks like she is in pain trying to be civil.  Sorry to lose such a good show to watch.


She needs to go!!!!!



IT,S a popularity contest because she became popular they decided she spice it up . i believe its just wrong she is not a doctor. notice how she is always placed above and before the doctors no fair.

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