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mother of 4. retired. weight struggle my whole life. goal weight in 1992. stayed there till menopause. now20 pounds heavier. following 17day diet since 9 days. Have lost 8.4lbs [hurrah]. ALWAYS PLATEAU so I want to join this challenge. until 1 yr ago was a 30km. week runner. Just getting back into it. walker since 20 years. gyms off and on. Live in canada

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Congratulations on your sterling success in just 9 days! I've hit plateau as well, after losing 65 lbs last year. Got 16 more to go and hope this will shake things loose.

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Lost 65 lbs in 2010 (took all year). Have hit...

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Maggie what was your strategy. that was a huge loss in a year. was th...

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oh maggie I hear you. hate plateaus . older I get the more I go up an...