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HPV Vaccine

Doctors on this show need to tell whole story reguarding HPV. There are many strains of this virus and vaccine only protects from some. People need to know HPV causes Genital Warts and can be spread by ORAL sex and as well as regular sexual contact.This means - Genital warts are contagious and can spread in the mouth as well as male and female sex organs. HPV- BOYS and GIRLS are at risk when they have sex.       

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Hey all, Boy alot of conversation on this topic. I think we were really informed on the show and was given a few different veiws from some informed doctors. The good thing is everyone has a choice on what they should do about the shot. Thanks for the show see it has reached alot of people and has given food for thought to all who have young women to think about. The best advice when your daughter is old enough talk with your doctor who you trust.




I was in tears watching today's show, the one on the Gardasil Vaccine. I have a 17 year old daughter that has been through pure hell since recieving the shot on May 22. Before the shot, she was a top ranked runner, running an average of ten miles a day. Since the shot,(which most of her doctors confirm) she has developed pericarditis, mono, hand weakness, and has started having severe, blinding headaches, fatigue so on and so on. She will randomly swell up, has chest pains, shortness of breath etc. You can not tell me that a completely normal and physically active, otherwise healthy girl, just randomly started experiencing all these health complications. You also can't tell me that these girls, all over the country that pass out and have seizures immediately after getting this shot are just afraid of needles. The statistics they mentioned today that only 6% of girls develop a severe reaction, which according to them breaks down to 1 in 27,000, is not a high enough number to do something about this poison that is being injected into innocent young girls on a daily basis.  ( to be cont'd)



(second part)

The lady from VAERS stated that TWENTY FIVE percent of ALL new claims coming in are now due to this shot. You can't tell me that the fact that the MANUFACTURER of this drug is the ONLY one to do a study and then having it "fast tracked" thru the channels to have it approved isn't somehow related to the fact that MERCK, is having to pay out tons of money to the VICTIMS of Vioxx and that this is not somehow related. Don't you think tha they possibly wanted to recoup some of their losses? Which, by the way, the earnings of this so called miracle drug is 1.5 BILLION dollars to date. I also have an issue with the fact that, once again, according to the show today, this drug was ONLY tested on 11,000 girls, that doesn't make sense...if 1 in 27000 girls will be effected, shouldn't the test group have been larger than that number?!! Think about the size of the town you live in, is there more than 27,000 people in it? If you had a 1 in 27000 chance of winning the lottery, you would think those were pretty good odds, wouldn't you?! Well, reverse that, is it worth taking a chance that your daughter,niece or granddaughter will be THAT ONE in 27000.
With all the problems that my daughter is having, we are still lucky, she's still alive to have these problems, some girls aren't!


I have two teens, both girls. We are trying to make a choice on the Vaccine. My worry is that if they don't have it before they have sex, How will I know it won't harm them if they have already been with someone with HPV. On the other hand I'm scared of making them get it because it is still new. We have a strong history of cancer in my family,so I know what can happen with HPV and other cancer related illness. We have talked about this so much lately that my girls are scared of making the wrong choice. They watched their great aunt die of breast cancer so this makes it even worse. Just wish we knew more on the vaccine than what has been said on TV. We all know doctors are for it,but if it was their child would they give it to them right now.


I kinda feel like they are really still using our children as their guinny pigs <sp>.

I remember back several years ago when Fen Fen <again with the spelling> first came out. It was touted as the best thing since sliced bread. Well I was an educated over 21 thinking being and I fell to the promises too. Fortunately (at least to my knowledge) I didn’t end up with the devastating long term adverse effects that many men and women did. I don’t recall how long it was out before they finally figured out it was doing more harm than good. My Doctor agreed in the beginning that it was wonderful and truly that little magic pill. Yet it was related to killing hundreds of people.

I for one will not have my daughter be part of their mass study. Once she is over 18 and can make an educated choice of her own then more power to her. I don’t think I could live with myself if my child ended up the one in ??? million (or hundreds) that had the devastating side effects. Right now her chances of contracting ONE of the not very many strains of HPV that the vaccine covers are far fewer than that of the vaccine having ill effects on her young healthy body.


We had my daughter vaccinated because we thought it would protect her. Right after the first shot we were leaving the Dr.'s office, my daughter said she felt funny. I thought it was pain. I stopped by the nurses station to ask for a sample of tylenol or ibuprofen. The nurse looked behind me and caught my daughter before she hit the floor. She passed out. They carried her to the exam room. We let her lay there for 15 minutes until she could stand safely. I was told it was her reaction to pain. Flight or fight. Sometimes people react to pain differently. We did get the other two parts to her vaccine. I wish I had done more research. After all 3 boosters were done, I was looking up information and found out that others had passed out and even died. I was ashamed of myself for not looking into it further before I gave it to her. I am so glad nothing worse happened. I was just trying to keep her safe.


My perfectly healthy athletic horse riding daughter had her first gardasil shot on April 13, 2008.  From that day on things changed for her.  She got weak to the point of total exhaustion, developed breathing problems and severe migraine headaches, she has a fast heartbeat, she is always cold and her body temp is always lower than it should be.  Approx. two monthes after the shot she had a severe seizure and had to go to the emergency room.  She is absolutely not the same and I know in my heart that giving her this shot to protect her has harmed her.  When I read over the phamplets the nurse gave me about the vaccine it said nowhere that girls were having seizures and severe reactions like this.  The only reactions were "fainting" or redness and swelling at the injection site.  My beautiful daughter didn't show her horse at the county fair this year she is too sick.  Sick from this shot.  And lots of other innocent girls too.  This is so wrong...


I cannot believe that is all the Doctors said about the HPV vaccine. I am glad there are other people on here telling their stories so people know it is not as good as it seems. First thing is from what I understand, a vaccine is ecperimental until it has been out at least 1o years. So everyone who gets it is part of the continuing study to find out what will happen. I know of a girl who is 12 years old and after getting all 3 steps of the vaccine became paralized and is now dying. While this won't happen to most people it is ridiculous that doctors don't tell you it is a potential risk. Not only that but they want everyone to get it even if cancer doesn't run in the family. I think it is great that there are doctors and researchers working to help us all but we should be informed of ALL the consequences. It was very irresponsible of the doctors on tv to only lay out the positive side.


Once again our MALE dominated medical community is using the lessor gender the female as test RATS! If what they say is true that HPV causes cervical cancer and is sexually transmitted than WHY are only the girls and not the boys encouraged to be vaccinated!!!!!!!!!! Kind of like the bith control pill that the lesser female is expected to take- how many side effects have surfaced {that we know of] !! Bottom line best way to be safe teach you kids is alright to wait but also step up and educate  tell them it could cost them there ability in the future to  childern even worse HIV and DEATH.


so i took my daughter who is 13 to her wellness exam a couple of weeks ago....she had her first shot of that doctor had been pressuring me since it came out for her to get it...he had asked me about it the last time we went for her wellness exam....and at that time i said i did some reading up on it..not alot...and i heard of some cases that it made girls really sick....sick to the point that they were not the all shots there is always a risk of something...this time i had mentioned it to him because he had brought it up once again at her appt..he told me it was safe and that the pros out weighed the cons of i said ok she can get the shot...well the nurse came in and gave her, her soon as we were walking out of the doctors office she told me that she felt sick and had a headache....i didnt think much about its now been a couple of weeks and now she is complaining of her eyes really hurting and she cant see that well and she has a i wounder if this is because of the shot she had is from that shot and she will not be getting the other two...i was talking to a friend of mine and she said that she will not give her two daughters it at all until it has been out longer and futher testing has been done(since it has only been out for two years)...she was reading some more info on the internet for me and i have done some more reading as well...and now i feel bad because i said "ok give her that shot" i have read the blogs on this from this website i feel that they really need to do more testing on the hpv vaccine.....because there are to many young girls getting sick from advice to the gardasil shot..DONT GET IT AND DONT LET YOUR DOCTOR PRESSURE YOU IN TO GETTING the lady said in a blog are kids are beening used as ginny pigs.and why dont they come up with a shot for the boys to take 


Attention ALL doctors PUSHING  HPV Vac on our young females --- If it is sooo safe why not vaccinate our MALES tooo!!!

I could not believe my ears when the female GYN doc stated ----- HPV vacccine "prevents cervical cancer so don't WORRY about side effects!" COME ON !!!!! This is very poor advice.Hey DOC does the statement "Do no HARM' ring a bell!!

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