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Re: the new version of the Doctor's site to come this new season

First off ... the Disqus site doesn't work to sign up/in to. Second, this totally SUCKS.  I have worked VERY hard on this site to create all the blogs that I have, comments I've made, and my profile page.  I am out of here/gone though when this new way starts, which really really saddens me because I love watching the show, coming to this site and posting/creating blogs.  I have worked SO HARD here for...
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Blood Pressure

What can you take at home to lower your Blood Pressure??
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Dear community members, Thank you for being our biggest fans, contributing to the website and encouraging conversations about health topics that concern you.We wanted you to be the first to know that we’re launching a redesigned website in a few weeks with the beginning of Season 7 of The Doctors. The new website will offer new ways to engage with The Doctors and other fans, allow you to easily share content on your favorite social networks and provide...
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Shame on you. . . Doctors!

I watch the Doctors and count on the information to be factual and helpful.  Today was disappointing!  Not only was the topic of Ferguson, MO inappropriate and poorly done, it was anything but factual or helpful.  In fact, the closing remarks with hands in the air "Hands Up Don't Shoot" was so wrong!  You do not have sufficient information to enter this subject.  Even a discussion about tear-gas would stretch your qualifications to enter the...
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Shame on you, Dr. Ross

It's appropriate to have a strong opinion on the situation in Ferguson, MO - nearly everyone does. However, it is completely inappropriate for you to use your position as a contributor to The Doctors as license to force your personal views on an audience who tuned in for MEDICAL information. Dr. Stork repeatedly tried to remind you of your place, which was to discuss the medical repercussions of the crowd control devices law enforcement used...
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Why non medical editorial?

Why are the doctors getting into non medical news events?  A kid that happened to be black went in to do a strong arm robbery, and was confronted by a police man.... Who incedently shot him during a confrontation .. You guys on the doctors think that the cop had no right to defend himself??? If this cop was just going around shooting black kids/men then why didn't he shoot this guys friend or other black people...
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New Season

Anyone know when the new season starts?    Melissa.
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In grow hair on legs

I been getting in grow hairs on my legs and I was hoping there was something to use.
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Food Plan on 17dd

Hi everyone,  those of us on the 17dd,  I just want to shout out to you and remind you to follow the menu of Dr Moreno the best you can.  I am finding success and you can also.  I just need to up my water and tea which are very important and do more exercise.  I took one class this week for 45 mins and I am a lil sore but I know that is...
Poll Do you follow the plan 100% Vote Now!
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Lower BP 17dd

Hi everyone, Just wanted to share the benefits of the 17 dd that I have been blessed with this week.  I started on 8/9/2014 and at that time my BP was 201 /101.  Yesterday the 15th it is now 151/91 woo hoo.    I have not weighted in since 8/11 and had lost 5 lbs by then.  I am on to a good start and I hope the same to everyone.  Have a good day ...
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Blue Anti-Blues Smoothie link

Here is the link to the Blue Anti-Blues Smoothie:       I hope this helps. Melissa.
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I am looking for the smoothie recipe that was featured on the Black and Blue episode.  Please tell me where to find it on the website it had kale blended with other ingredients. thank you   
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Can the skin removed from a patient who had the excess removed be used/harvested to help someone with the need for skin; e.g., burn patient, etc.
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17 Day Diet Group

5 people have committed so far to journeying together on the 17 Day Diet. It's not too late to join us. Most of us are in the first days of Cycle 1 or starting next Monday. We'd love you to come along on the adventure. I've started a blog where people can post recipes, tips, strategies, feelings, successes, and challenges. Check us out:  
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Grapefruit size brain tumor

Doesn't sound possible, how about in a 5 week old baby? That was the diagnosis we got when our first baby girl got sick. Here is her story.....Aleah's brain tumor story on YouTube. She is a medical miracle. 
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17dd new blogg

Hi everyone, A few of us are meeting at      It has been started by Bella so we can have a place to meet and blog and get support and add those things that have helped us lose the weight.  Years ago I was on the 17dd and now I am back cause I need to lose some more.  Please join us.  Good luck and see you soon!!!  thanks bellabear  :0
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Victim sues rescuers

I am upset that the doctors have helped feed the stereotype that lawyers are parasites and personal injury cases are frivolous, by airing a video about one man who is allegedly suing his rescuers for not saving him as quickly as he would have liked. Insurance companies have spent millions of dollars in the last 25 years propagandizing the public to be suspicious of injury cases. Imagine that! The companies that many of us must...
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I only caught the last few minutes of the show today and saw ZzzQuil as help for sleeping. FWIW, ZzzQuil is just Benadryl (diphenhydramine) but in a higher dose (50 mg).  2 regular benadryl will do the same thing.  If you look at the back of the containers you'll see what I mean.  Only difference is that one is a liquid, and the other are pills.   Melissa.
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How Do You Freeze Blueberries?

Basically I just wanted to know how to freeze fresh blueberries so when they thaw they aren't mushy.  Do I just put them in a baggie and freeze?  Someone mentioned not to rinse them before freezing. Thanks in advance, Melissa.
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17 Day Diet -- Starting Monday!!

We are starting a group for people interested in beginning the 17 Day Diet. Why? Because it works! It's a healthy way to free your body of sugar addiction as well as lose weight -- fast! I've begun a blog: Please join it so that you can be part of the journey. We're beginning with Cycle 1 on Monday. It's my hope that through this blog we can lend support to one another, share...
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17 Day Diet -- Join Us!!

A group of people are interested in getting started, again, on the 17 Day Diet. It works! But it works best with support. So, if you are interested in learning more about this diet -- or you know about it and want to give it another whirl -- please consider joining our group. I've started an independent blog: We are getting started this Monday, August 11, 2014, so stock up on healthy foods!
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Hormonal Balance...Hormonal Therapy

Recently discovering that I am pre menopausal has been a downer. I had all the symptoms, nights sweats, fatigue , decrease sex drive, memory loss and mood swings. I was almost ready to face the facts and accept my new life with all these new symptoms untill i stumbled on Hormonal therapy with Sotto Pellets. I live in Dayton Oh and i was relieved to see that there was a OBGYN in my area that...
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Seasickness/Nausea etc

For nausea of any kind, I have found ginger root to settle my stomach down.  I haven't tried the regular ginger from the grocery store and make tea with it (although I am fairly sure ginger tea would help also). I buy it from Amazon, very inexpensive.  It has worked every single time I have had nausea.  The ones I get are capsules, so if I can't swallow them I can open them up and...
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Thanks for the segment on Sarcoidosis!!!!
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That house that looked like intestines

I can't find anywhere in the show synopsis the PICTURES of what that "house" (or hotel or whatever it was) looked like that resembled an intestine, that you talked about in the beginning of the show (8/1/14). I googled it and couldn't find it either. Can anyone provide me with a link to it and info about it?  I want to show someone and don't think they'll believe me unless they see it! Thanks, Melissa.
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???¿¿¿ MEN 2a

Does anyone have or know of this genetic form of cancer?
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Beginner to 17 Day Diet

Hi all!  I just started the 17 Day Diet on July 28.  It hasn't been too difficult so far.  I have not weighed since the morning of my first day.  I am afraid that I will be disappointed in my progress if I weigh too soon and too often.  I want to lose at least 10 lbs, and maybe even 15.  I have tried two of the recipes from the cookbook.  I really enjoyed both....
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What If You Have Done All of It And Still have insomnia?

In today's show synopsis: It says: "About 50 percent of people who suffer from insomnia attribute it to stress,” Dr. Lewis-Hall explains. “Insomnia can indicate an underlying illness, like depression or anxiety. That’s why it’s really important to talk to your doctor about your insomnia, about your stressors, and any other symptom that you might be experiencing.” Dr. Lewis-Hall explains that if you’re suffering from insomnia, you need to become your own sleep detective...
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Two Previous Spinal Surgeries

Blessings and Peace!! May, my wife and I live in a resort town called Tagaytay, Philippines. May has had two different lumbar surgeries to relieve numbness and tingling/pain in both legs and feet.  My question for all Doctors is: Do you think MILD therapy would work for May....even after her two surgeries? We are planning to come to San Francisco, if there is any affirmation from you. Please help.
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Driving and Running (aka the Runs)

The story of the 90 year old woman having to make a decision between the bathroom and the emergency room after striking a jogger does in fact spark legal interest using the 'call of nature' versus 'the 911 call'.  While a judge in some courtroom will eventually decide the case, it was mentioned that the woman should have her license revoked. Under normal conditions, the police officer handling the case carries a form with him...
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