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Enter For A Chance To Win A Survival Kit

Enter here for a chance to win the survival kit talked about on 4/18/14 Friday show.      Melissa.     
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Best diet is what works for you

There are many diet systems and I tried some of them. The truth about me is that I eat for entertainment and have very poor control when it comes to food. Another issue is that I find it hard to go through a day without having at least a piece of cake. I need something sweet every day! If I actually make effort I lose weight easily, I just need to make that effort! I...
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Don't dismiss holistic medicine

I was only 24 and my son just learned to walk but something wasn't just quite right. I had to set alarm to wake up at 1pm and during my day I consumed ridiculous amount of calories. A lot of food, a lot of sugar, a lot of soda and candies BUT I wouldn't gain weight. First, I thought nothing of it. But as things progressed I became increasingly uncomfortable. My heartbeat was so strong...
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17 day diet

I have been on the 17 day diet cycle 1 for 9 days now.  I have been making a chocolate whey protein shake at night to have a little something .  Should I be drinking that at night?  It does not mention it in the book but a neighbor told me about it and it is awesome , tastes like a Wendy's frosty.  Just looking for some help........
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Lunar Eclipse 4/15/14 to 4/16/14

First lunar eclipse of 2014 is going to happen Monday tonight (early tomorrow morning on Tuesday), "The first portion is expected to begin at 10:58 p.m. (PST) and fully eclipse at 12:06 a.m. Tuesday (PST). The eclipse should be visible from North and South America." (between 2-4 AM on the east coast of US). You should see a rare "blood moon," where the moon turns a reddish-orange color. Melissa.
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how to keep your breath fresh the whole day

there is an old spanish tradition, after their morning rituals they like to gargle a glass of water mixed with honey and cinnamon fresh all day!!
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Nausea won't go away

so about 3-4 weeks ago, I started getting a really bad stomach pain, I was at school so I went home. Then later that day I threw up. I thought it had been food poisening from the day before bc I had pork. I went to the doctors the next day, said it was a stomach flu & that I was getting better. Later that day I threw up 2 more times so I went...
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After gallbladder surgery/removal

I had my gallbladder out last Thursday and been feel alright so far but now after I eat I feel weird. Feels kinda sick/tired. Feel weak and kinda woozy throughout the day but it does it after I eat too. Sometimes feels like I can't really breath right sometimes too but i wonder if that's from my back doing that or if it could be something else. Anyone have any ideas. I don't go for...
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Word of the day

Still don't know where to enter the 'word of the day'....  Get answer like, 'go to the show synopsis' - can't see that either...   I wonder how many out there are having the same problem as me....  should do a poll about it.
Poll How many are having problem with where to enter the word of the day? Vote Now!
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Biological Age, Chronological Age and Telomere Analysis

The difference between biological and chronological age is simple. Biological age refers to the health of our cells while the chronological age refers to the years one has attained. Lets say, an individual's bilogical age is 33.9 and his chronological age is 61. A bilogical age is 33.9 suggests that the cells of that individual are as healthy as those of an average 33-year-old, even though his actual age 61. Everyone loves to hear people...
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Day 1 - Separation papers filed by Snickers Bar!!!

Day 1- (or...oh sugar way has thou forsaken me!!) Well I kinda sorta made it through the first day…’s not really the bewitching (light turns on in the fridge) hour yet so until the “Ding of the Bell” I have not actually completed anything! But oh I will and if not you’ll know it in the tomorrow. Breakfast was good….the Mediterranean Skillet Scramble was actually good, even though I held the bag of cheese in...
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On you march...get set...GO....

The book has been bought….I read up to the “Restore Plan”….all the groceries were bought for the 14 days…tomorrow am the life style change begins! What brought you to this point? Let me tell you what brought me here…. It’s more than a sentence so get a cup of coffee….take a seat and I’ll get started…. I’m 55, even though my body makes me feel like I’m pushing 75. I weight 315 pounds my highest...
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Leg cramps

I heard today about a trick on the show as to how to stop leg cramps; you squeeze your upper lip between your index finger and your thumb.  I don't get those cramps very often but when I do they are very painful.  I will definitely try this next time.
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Just wanted to add that Melatonin doesn't always work.  I've tried it, and it has bad side effects (the kind of interactions that Ambien has) with me ... sleep walking, sleep eating, memory loss, doing things I don't remember (when I tried it I ended up having to go through my email to see if I had sent or answered anything that I hadn't remembered). I know many people though who take it and swear...
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Hard Time Loosing Weight

I had tried so many diet pills in the market but I only end up loser...disappointed. I had no time for exercise so guys out there what should I take? Any recommendation? thanks
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Trying to figure out

I don't know where you to  find how to try to win the Word of the day
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Word of the day

word of the day is SUNBLOCK
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word of the day

The word of the day is: Sunblock.
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The word of the day is "SUNBLOCK"
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Word of the Day = Sunblock

The word of the day is "sunblock'
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Walking vs Running wearing Sneakers

On the show today the DR said how running in sneakers can negatively affect the ankle, knee, and hip joints. Was wondering, does walking with sneakers negatively affect your joints like running in sneakers does? Or is walking in sneakers similar to walking in high heels (in terms of affecting the joints)?   Melissa.  
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The Word Of the Day Giveaway has expired. This episode was re-aired from a previous date.   We apologize for any inconvenience.   For future reference, any information we have can be found on our Show Synopsis, Related Resources, or Special Thanks pages. Contests, giveaways and recipes can always be found on the daily Show Synopsis page. To locate the one you're looking for, go to EPISODES at the top of the page and select...
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Do you have questions for Dr. Travis about The Doctor's Diet Come join the THE DOCTOR'S DIET forum!  There are topics where you can discuss your progress and struggles. Share your before and after photos, your favorite recipes, get and give support to other members who are on the journey with you! Ask your questions on the forum and you may get yours answered on an up-coming show!   Learn more about The Doctor’s Diet here
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the doctors diet

are there any forums for people following the diet?  
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