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Using Sunblock Vs Sunscreen

From the show the other day, thank you for pointing out that sunblock and sunsceen are different and to use sunBLOCK, not the sun SCREEN (if you have the option). Sunblock has organic and inorganic ingredients that sit on the skin and block out the sun, and is thicker. Sunscreen has chemicals that absorb into the skin and block the sun that way, and can cause skin irritation. Melissa.  
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Bunion Sugery

I just watched a taped piece where a consultation with a foot doctor gave the impression that bunion surgery is not a very big deal.  I realize every case is different, and there are several types of bunion surgeries, but the taped consultation seemed to minimize how tramatic this can be.   I am glad that one of the doctors of the show added the fact that bunion surgery is serious! I hope the patient...
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Still feel sick 3 months after gallbladder removed

  I've had my gallbladder taken out 3 months ago and still feeling sick everyday and every morning. Still feeling sick when eating some foods. My family doctor have me medications so I can eat and for heartburn. It also feels like my stomach is burning kinda like how you get heartburn. Not sure what to do. I figured after you get it removed you should feel better. My stomach is sore some still too...
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Manuka Honey

Other than google, does anyone personally know anything about how well Manuka Honey works/tastes? Has anyone tried it?  If so, what was it like?  Sweet?  Thick/thin?  A good anti-bacterial? Thanks, Melissa.
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Storms Vs Puppy

I know this is going off the beaten path of medical wise, but I do have an appnt with our Vet next week. Our pet #1 named Scooter is deadly afraid of Storms and Fireworks. I went and bought the Thundershirt and that didn't do a thing he just sat there. We had tried it out for a trial run for a couple of days but every time we would put it on he would...
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Exercise Motivation + Knee Pain

I need motivation to exercise.  I can make every excuse in the world.  I have time, but I'll do other things around the house before I'll exercise.  I have apps on my phone to do quick exercises - I intended to use them but don't.  My doctor wants me to exercise.  I also have chronic knee pain from what I was told is a bad knee due to genetics and irritation from running in high...
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What cause ADHD

I would LOVE for you to have giving an answer even if it was just an idea to the question that was raised about why have we seen so many more cases. I would LOVE to have the doctors look into GMO foods and synthetically made vitamins and the fact that there may be a correlation between  the rise in ADHD and gut related problems. I'm not sure most Americans know that they are taking  synthetically...
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For Alexis

Has Alexis ever consulted with Dr. Robert Lustig? He is a well-known pediatric endocrinologist in California.  Here is some information on him:    I hope this can help in some way. Melissa.
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Large breasts are not all they are cracked up to be.

Zinc oxide is my go to remedy for "underboob" rash.  Cheap and fast acting!
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I had to go to Miami  around Easter, by then my feet were swelling really bad  I was walking daily numerous times a  day. There was a family emergency then so I was walking more than usual, so  my sister had given me a pair of slippers to wear because my feet were swelling on a hourly basis it seemed. I finally gotten home and it was going into my legs and up into my...
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Sarah Atwell

In  Jan   show   there was a show on bullying and so as the show went she was suppose to have plastic surgery I was watching TV that nite and there was nothing on so I switch to a station that I uaually watch a lot a nite  TLC so,  a month or 2, and Sarah was on and they had her family on their and they were preparing her for her  plastic surgery....
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Jaclyn Smith question

Did anyone catch the name of the cream J. Smith mentioned under her 3 tips, which she said is similar to cold cream and is inexpensive, that she puts on and rubs on her elbows in the shower for sealing in moisture?  Thanks so much.  I have been looking for a product like this, especially that does not have aloe vera in it.
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Weight Loss Program with Online Calorie Counter

  Once a person makes the choice to take a step towards a weight loss program, then the next step would be to FOCUS on it. Exercise is necessary for breaking down fatin the corpse, improve suppleness and to deal with a sluggish metabolism; yet starting with a healthy diet is paramount for weight loss. Here is where APP, an online calorie counter, helps you to FOCUS by providing many features at the stroke of a...
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Chia Seed Smoothie Recipe

Ingredients:• 1 small banana, sliced• 2 cups fresh baby spinach• 1/2 cup plain non-fat yogurt (regular or Greek)• 1 cup frozen berries• 1 tablespoon chia seeds• Orange juice or water to thin the smoothie out, if needed Directions:• Combine all ingredients in a blender, and blend until smooth. From:                    Melissa.
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Remedy for Razor Burn?

Does anyone have a remedy to get rid of razor burn around near the knee area? I have tried lotion, hair conditioner, shaving cream, not shaving for a few days ... and it won't go away. Any ideas? Thanks, Melissa.
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I have migraine since high school & i can't take it anymore. Now my forever bestfriend is my EXCEDRIN i can't live without it. What should i do? ????
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Which is worse

I like the which is worse segment. Blueberry or a scone. I learned that both aren't good for us but the scone is worse. 
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Bath mats

I don't like bath mats because of the mold and mildew. Yet I read the instructions on the new one I bought recently and it read to hang up the bath mat so it dries. Just like the towels need to  air dry.   
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Energy and Calorie

A lot of talk about ow-calorie diet these days for losing weight.  Well, this particular trend is not for everyone since everyone isn't a desk-jocky (who sits on a chair all day).  For those who are not desk-jockys, they need high-calorie meals to fill their needs: energy. (I got this information below from my old Chemistry Textbook) Energy is defined as the capacity to do work (W = F x D).  All forms of energy...
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Recipes from the book

I bought the Doctor's Diet book a couple of months ago.  I, finally opened it.  Today, I made the Anytime Vegetable soup.  I did add broccoli, spinach and some black beans that were left over.  This is the best soup I have ever eaten!
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New to the site. Question....where do you post the word of the day??  Thanks in advance!
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For the Lady with IBS (Angelica)

Just wanted to say that I also have IBS with constipation, and no type of dietary change has helped me feel any better.  In fact, when I did the high fiber/lots of water it was worse and I will never do that again.  A lot of water didn't work for me either (without the added fiber).  Bland foods didn't help (although I did feel better than when I tried the high fiber diet).  ETC. Anyway,...
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What Every Couple Needs to Know About Intercourse

Every couple should understand that intercourse represents an important aspect of their relationship. People will want to make sure that they are improving their sex experience when they stick together. Over time, it can be difficult to maintain the same spark that had kept them together in the past. But there are some vital strategies that people can use when it comes to building up the enjoyment that they get from intercourse. If couples want...
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17 day diet

Just started yesterday and so confused!!!  When do I have my snacks?? And I'm a vegetarian and allthe protein is meat...I cannot eat only eggs every day! Help!! 
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The lady with ulcerative colitis

Just wondering ...   How did the lady with ulcerative colitis, who was in so much pain/discomfort/etc soon after her marriage, how in the world did she maintain a healthy pregnancy while going through all of that?  How'd she be able to go through a pregnancy, but then not have the energy to be with her 9 month old? I've never been pregnant, but know from others that it isn't easy.  So I'm just wondering...
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Clint Black's Family Tragedy

Hello, I know what Clint and his family is going through.  My daughter, Amanda, had Rett Syndrome.  She passed away at the young age of 12 in September 2000.  I think about her all the time.  My life was consumed with her before she passed away.  We didn't know what caused Rett Syndrome at that time.  There were periods of quilt that it was my fault, something that I did wrong during my pregnancy.  My...
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Using Baby Oil

Just wanted to say that if you put baby oil on wet skin and you are still standing in the bathtub/shower, be VERY careful because the bottom of the tub/shower is most likely going to be extremely slippery from the oil that drips down/off your legs/arms/etc, and could cause a fall. Melissa.
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Today's Show 6/24/2014

I am normally not a commenter about tv shows, but today's show was a bit disconcerting.  I thought the the male doctor's reaction to the woman who was stuck to the toilet seat at Home Depot was seriously lacking in bedside manner.  Dr. Ian's attitude basically was that it was her own fault for 1) using the bathroom at Home Depot, 2) not hovering, and 3) at the least not lining the seat.  All the...
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Low Blood Sugar/Anemia

The other evening I went for a walk with my dad, and my dogs, and when I was walking back home, I had very intense cravings for food. As soon as I got home, I rushed to the kitchen, and grabbed the nearest thing I could find. Let's just say I felt a little light headed, and my hands had somewhat severe shaking. So I grabbed so peanuts and cracked them open, the hard part...
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