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I am 46 years old.  I am happily married for 10 years and work full time outside the home.  I have 1 son for whom I am his step mom.  I am grossly overweight and am desperately seeking new ways to get rid of all this fat as quickly, easily and most of all safely as possible.  Surgery is not an option as I can't afford it and it's not covered by my insurance.  I enjoy all kinds of art.  Painting, drawing, jewelry making including making my own beads from polymer clay and other "stuff".  Also, I love animals.  Mostly dogs, but animals in general.

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Not Got Sleep? This will help....

It was a crazy thing!! Dr. Travis said cherry juice would help make you sleepy.  I have been having trouble getting sleepy for the past few years and have tried all kinds of things. Sure, I got sleepy and would sleep all night, but then I would also want to sleep half the day!!  I went out that afternoon and bought some cherry juice. My husband and I had about a cup of it at...
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