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The Doctor's Diet ~ Daily Diary Accountability

I'm on Day 12 yay!! As of today I have lost 8 pounds! My goal is a 75 pounds, yep 75!  Breakfast Blueberries which I buy frozen. 1 boiled egg 1 whole wheat English mmuffin. And of course several cups of coffee :)   Update Lunch ~ Ham, spinach and carrots.   Dinner ~ Chicken, carrots, plain non-fat yogurt with walnuts and whole grain granola.   I'm discovering each day I'm following the complex carbs, protein,...
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Vani Hari -- Food Babe

Here is a great article about The Food Babe and how she became an activist.  Also more about what she has done as a food activist: http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2013/07/07/van-hari-food-babe.aspx Melissa.
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Could your blood type affect your personality type?

It's really amazing how our bodies and our personalities are tied together. I have no doubt that the state of your health, both mental and physical, will typically affect how you feel and behave. Thinking among these lines, it's safe to say that the state of your health affects your personality type. Definitely, it's not same for everyone, it's not "A leads to B" thing, but I think we all can agree there is a...
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Eating Insects

  I saw your segment on eating insects. I find it rather amazing that so many doctors on one show would hardly even hesitate to eat insects that have a gut full of frass. You can gut a fish but how do you gut an insect? Obviously you can’t! You can put all the salt and/or sugar on frass that you want to make it taste good, but it is still feces. Nobody on the...
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