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A Guide on Making Weight Management Easy for the Disabled

People with disabilities face a lot of problems carrying out day-to-day tasks. Those with physical or vision impairment may not be able to dress on their own, move without the help of aids or cook or eat food. Exercising can be difficult and painful for most people having a disability. In such cases, managing weight can be a tough task.It comes as no surprise that a far greater number of people with a disability that...
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Peripheral Neuropathy

I want back to my PCD and he told me that I  have this diagnosis, but to make sure I am to go to my Dr. that I see for my migraines which is my Neurologists. They will then  do further testing on my feet and legs, as it stands my legs are swelling so bad and I'm still getting a rash from my mid calf down to my feet which it"s still light  but...
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Wow ... I can't believe what I just heard ...

I can't watch the show today (9/2/14) so I watched the videos from this show synopsis: http://www.thedoctorstv.com/main/show_synopsis/1773?section=synopsis  And WOW am I angry at what this psychiatrist (Allen Frances, MD) said ... He said something to the fact that if you feel down (I don't remember the exact wording ... that is paraphrased from the video), to go exercise. GO EXERCISE???  Is he serious?  Oh, sure, exercise can solve everyone's problems (sarcasm intended). Being a psychiatrist,...
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