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Why non medical editorial?

Why are the doctors getting into non medical news events?  A kid that happened to be black went in to do a strong arm robbery, and was confronted by a police man.... Who incedently shot him during a confrontation .. You guys on the doctors think that the cop had no right to defend himself??? If this cop was just going around shooting black kids/men then why didn't he shoot this guys friend or other black people...
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Shame on you, Dr. Ross

It's appropriate to have a strong opinion on the situation in Ferguson, MO - nearly everyone does. However, it is completely inappropriate for you to use your position as a contributor to The Doctors as license to force your personal views on an audience who tuned in for MEDICAL information. Dr. Stork repeatedly tried to remind you of your place, which was to discuss the medical repercussions of the crowd control devices law enforcement used...
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New Season

Anyone know when the new season starts?    Melissa.
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Shame on you. . . Doctors!

I watch the Doctors and count on the information to be factual and helpful.  Today was disappointing!  Not only was the topic of Ferguson, MO inappropriate and poorly done, it was anything but factual or helpful.  In fact, the closing remarks with hands in the air "Hands Up Don't Shoot" was so wrong!  You do not have sufficient information to enter this subject.  Even a discussion about tear-gas would stretch your qualifications to enter the...
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Dear community members, Thank you for being our biggest fans, contributing to the website and encouraging conversations about health topics that concern you.We wanted you to be the first to know that we’re launching a redesigned website in a few weeks with the beginning of Season 7 of The Doctors. The new website will offer new ways to engage with The Doctors and other fans, allow you to easily share content on your favorite social networks and provide...
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