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Driving and Running (aka the Runs)

The story of the 90 year old woman having to make a decision between the bathroom and the emergency room after striking a jogger does in fact spark legal interest using the 'call of nature' versus 'the 911 call'.  While a judge in some courtroom will eventually decide the case, it was mentioned that the woman should have her license revoked. Under normal conditions, the police officer handling the case carries a form with him...
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Neuter/Spay Dogs-Cats

Whats is your oppinon on neutering and spayeing your animals? How do you feel about it. Is your animal or  animals are AKC or CKC. and will you still neutar/spay them also thats somtheing to think about? I know we love our pets but do we won't to cut down the population of animals that are around us that are abused everyday   because knowbody cares about them? Lets care about the lonely animals out...
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Sacredheat Diet

My Husband is on this diet with the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid that is what the hosp. gave him. The Sacred Heart diet is suppose to be faste it's on a web site 4 pages long and tells you what you need so follow it he  lost 5lbs. already I just thought  I would suggest it BUT LIKE ANY DIET CONSULT YOUR DR. FIRST.   http://www.idiet4u.com/diets/sacredheart.html
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Two Previous Spinal Surgeries

Blessings and Peace!! May, my wife and I live in a resort town called Tagaytay, Philippines. May has had two different lumbar surgeries to relieve numbness and tingling/pain in both legs and feet.  My question for all Doctors is: Do you think MILD therapy would work for May....even after her two surgeries? We are planning to come to San Francisco, if there is any affirmation from you. Please help.
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