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Neti pot and Pink eye?

Hello there!  I am 36 and two weeks ago for the first time ever I developed pink eye. (I was not around any kids and my make up was less than 6 months old).  I thought it had gone away with eye drops the dr presecribed, which I used per instructions. Just last night I woke up to an entirely new case, and this is after I had already changed out all of my makeup and sanitized my brushes.  the only thing I can think of is im getting it from my neti pot which I used the day before I came down with it a couple weeks ago, and I used yesterday.  I believe its bacterial due to the color of discharge in my eye.  I threw out my neti pot and am waiting to hear from my dr for new eye drops, but Im very frustrated and cannot find any definitive information online on whether or not the Neti pot could be the cuase of this.  I wash it with soup and water per the instructions and allow it to dry after each use and only use it when needed (once every couple weeks or so).  Anyone have any answers or have heard anything about this?  I will of couse refrain from wearing eye makeup until this is cleared but am afraid to go out and a buy yet another repalcement eye makeup kit until I can figure out what is causing this...

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this might help. http://www.youbeauty.com/health/neti-pots?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=post&utm_campaign=FB+-+3pm+-+12-19-20+-+Mon+-+Health+-+Neti+Pots


if not, i'm not sure.

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