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Does anyone know the treatment for psoriasis on Mondays show?

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Monday - 5/6/2014

Doctor on Demand
Chenale thinks she has psoriasis on her scalp and wants to get a prescription to stop the itching.
 Physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist Dr. Ian Smith explains how the groundbreaking Doctor on Demand app can help Chenale get a diagnosis and a prescription — without the hassle of scheduling a doctor's appointment.

• See the Doctor on Demand app in action!

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I didn't watch the show but there are few herbal remedies:

1.  Apply chamomile, marigold, or chickweed ointment to the areas 2~3 times a day.

2.  For red, inflamed skin, apply evening primrose oil with 1 or 2 drops lavender or rose essential oil.  Or apply aloe vera and a little tumeric.

3.  Sunlight can help to heal psoriasis, spend some time outdoors; and take supplement of zinc, selenium and vitamin E to support your immune system.

(First three are from Top 100 Herbal Remedies book)

4.  Smooth lemon juice over psoriasis several times a day.  Also, include lemon juice and zest in your diet.  Citric acid in lemon juice can ease dryness and flaking.  In addition, the sun's UVA Rays act on psoralens in lemon juice to mimic the PUVA (psoralen-UVA) therapy used for psoriasis by dermatologists.    (This is from The Miracle of Lemons book)

Find out which method is right for you.

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