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RE: E Cigs

The show today about e cigs failed to tell people that the vapors are available to purchace "without" nicotine.

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Merlins Crazy Mom

What would the point be a using an e-cig without the nicotine? To look 'cool'? I'm considering getting one to see if I can cut back on and eventually quit cigarettes.


I have gradually reduced the nicotine to none, but I still enjoy the act of smoking. Over half of people trying to quit fail not just to the addiction to nicotine but the habit of smoking at trigger times. So NO, it's not to look cool!

Merlins Crazy Mom

Thanks, mommyperson3. Never thought of reducing the nicotine down to none slowly! good idea! And my comment on doing it to look cool is reminisent of why I started smoking back in the 80's. wanted to hang out with who I thought was the 'cool' crowd. Now I'm older and wiser and full of regret that I ever started.


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