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Crepe paper skin

Hi everyone, I would like to ask anyone with my problem what product they've used and results obtained. The skin on the back of my hands is like "crepe paper" and it's also showing up on other areas of my body (inside of arms). I've read that this is due to aging and loss of elasticity. I'm 60. I stay out of the sun, take vitamins and supplements, eat healthy/ organic, stay hydrated. It really bothers me, as my face is youthful but my hands are telling time. The products that I use on my face don't work on my hands for some reason. There's so much information you practically have to be a research scientist. I would love to hear what you use and what has worked for you. I would want to use only something that does not have harsh chemicals and is paraben free. Thanks so much.

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When you find out what others use, please let me know because I suddenly got that.  I'm sixty-two, and one day I felt my arm was really scaly and very dry and I looked and I had crepe paper skin!!!!  I was shocked because I don't want to look old.  My Mom was like that, but at a much older age.  I'd love to get rid of it.  My neighbor is 75 and she has no wrinkles at all.  I'm insanely jealous.  Maybe it's because she's African-American.  I don't know.  But, I'd like to know, too, what people say has helped them. 


Some dermatologists use your own fat to plump up your hands . I haven't seen the results, It may be a fat deficiency . You can eat healthy fat.

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