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am i bi or bi-curious?

i feel attracted to the oppisite sex. but i dont know if i really am bi-sexual or bi-curious. i would like to experment with the oppsite sex.

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This is why under show idea I sug at special teen section.  I think alot of people are not answering you because you are under 18 and to be honest I feel because I am an adult and you are under age I am uncomfortable answering any questions which relate to anything regarding to "sex education topics"


Honestly  I think you should write a letter to DR LISA theOB/GYN who is the expert here and even if you just ask her to perhaps do a story on this whole area she may because your not the first kid who has had these thoughts in life and you wont be the last. I hope you can understand where I am coming from.  I hope you find the answers that you seek..



thanks for the help anyway...


thanks for the help anyway...


Dear Amanda, many of us have or have had these feelings. THEY ARE NORMAL.  I lost my virginity just before my 21st b'day.  I fell in love with a man who was a drug addict and a liar.  I didn't know that at the time and we got engaged.  It was painful and not very satisfying for me.  The difference between what he and I had and what my husband and I had was that with my husband we were making love.  I think being in love makes it better because we women like to be romanced.  Do you have a favorite teacher, a trusted family (adult) female friend, a preacher, a friend's older sister or possibly your own dr. to confide in?  You need to be more well informed before you make a life changing decision.  We all hve choices.  None of us came with an instruction manual.  You sound like you know what you want, but you want someone else to validate it for you.  Only YOU can make life altering choices for you.  Remember, sex lasts for a few minutes.  the change it will make in you will be permanent.  If you like someone, date, but remember, all the adult stuff will be there in a year or two.  You don't need to rush into anything.  Good luck.  Bobbie


I think that should you decide to experiment with other girls/women then I think you should wait till you are older like you said you wanted to wait till you were 20 but find someone whom you care for just as if you were going to date a boy. Whether you decide on not that you like just boys or you like both sexes or just girls I bet you will find that the expericence will be better when you are with someone you care for. I being a straight woman can appericate the good looks of another ( I have never found myself attracted to a women ) but I can understand your thoughts and feelings and know they aren't wrong just because someone doesn't like them or care for them you are not wrong. You are more then intitled to have your own feelings and thoughts it is what you do with them that truly counts and if you are true to yourself then you will be happy.

                                                                   Best of Luck,Carrie


thankyou everyone


I geuss because of my own issues in childhood I tred very lightly here.

I appreciate all that have helped this teenager.

Its not like I didnt want to help because I have 2 grown daughters now and with there friends at my home I was an ear and a safe place to land but on theinternet it just made me feel weird.

Can anyone understand what I was getting at?




Hi miranda. I know exactly what you are going through. I am 16 and I realized that I was bi about a year ago. Sometimes you really do need to try something to see if you like it. Now I am not telling you to go have sex with a girl, but a kiss never hurt anyone. Trust me, it gets really confusing and frustrating and sometimes you wish that you could change the way that you think and feel, but God made you the way you are for a reason, so embrace it either way. Also if you are confused talking to someone you trust really does help, a counsoler or adult friend, you will be amazed at how helpful and understanding people can be. Let me know if you have any questions, or if you just want to talk.


All this talks about one being bi or not, NO ONE WAS MADE A BI; its only people who has wandering desires that fantasies aboout same sex, that says they are homo or bi. TRY READ THE FIRST CHAPTER OFROMANS 1; USE DIFFERENT BIBLES AND U WILL UNDERSTAND BETTER; So you are NOT a " BI " Dont be tricked to go to HELL !!! think about HEAVEN !!!
ROMANS 1 ; 24,26 -- 32 MARK 8 : 36 3 JOHN 1 ; 2 -- 4
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