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sex crave

i have been having a problem i think about sex 24/7[i write,read,talk about it 24/7] i think i am addicted, im 15 and still a virgin im in high school. its been a problem for me i need to stop but dont know how? can you help me.?

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your right death wish i just thought it was a problem and everyone of my friends are like "just go ahead and

"do it"


Your friends may tell you to do it, but what if you get pregnant? My mom had this talk with me, and all she could say is if you get pregnant, I'm not taking care of the baby for you, and all that stuff. I read your other posts about how you're thinking about it all the time. I think that's okay, but if you do it with one guy once, he's gonna tell you to do it again and again, and then he's gonna stop using a condom, and that's when you get worried about missing your period. I know someone that went through this, and these were the WORST two weeks of her life. Another thing, if you have a boyfriend, make sure you tell your parents about him especially if you decide to do it because if he gets you pregnant, he won't be able to run away.

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