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is it bad to talk about sex at a young age? what is a good age to talk to your kids about sex?

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It's good to talk with your kids about sex preteen.  You don't have to get intense just a little clear on the subject of self respect, body image and "just say no"  explain what's right and wrong touching. When they get older, 13 on up maybe get more intense with the "sex talk".  Toddlers to preteen are just curious about their bodies and may engage in self exploring (pleasuring) but please if you walk in on that,  don't make it sound dirty or shameful, they are just exploring their bodies. You may be surprised on how much they may know before the talk.  The Doctors did a show on this maybe last week.  Click on the "episodes" button then "archives" or do a search on this subject.  Good luck and be comfortable when you do have the talk.


I'm 20 and believe it or not...I never had the "SEX" talk with my mom... I lost my virginity at the age of 14. I told my mom and all she told me was "I'm so disappointed in you!" Have that talk with ur kids in their early teens... or if they are a female as soon as they start their menstal cycle, if they are males around the age of 10 or 11 cause my nephew was 12 or 13 when he lost his virginity! Tell ur kids that it is okay to talk to u about SEX or if ur a teenager don't be scared to talk to ur parents about SEX...don't wait till u've done it to bring it up...


i think as young as they are now, they know more than what we knew at their age...I think you should talk to them about it, that way their learning the right thing.


im 16 my parents never told me but i learned 

im still hestintaing if i wana lose mines yet



My mom's idea of the sex talk, is "Don't have sex. You will get pregnant, and I'm not gonna help you raise your kid." It kinda makes me feel like she doesn't really care because she's not taking the time to sit down and have a proper sex talk with me. And my school's sex ed program SUCKS. The only thing they do is show us pictures of STD's. So I know basically nothing about participating in safe sex except the simple idea of condoms & birth control.


i know heather same for my mom "dont have sex" "i wont help you raise it" yea same for me and its just terrible. yea my sex ed program sucks too mainly bout stds and just simple stuff i know my friend told me at my school in 10th grade we have to watch some video on a girl masterbateing???? thats weird i dont think its true tho...


Wow, a girl masturbating? That's odd. Haha. We had to see pictures of an abortion. It was HORRIBLE. Sex ed that is supposed to scare kids is sooooooooo pointless. And obviously NOT working because kids are still getting pregnant and still getting STDs. I think schools should just go ahead and teach safe sex. They could still encourage abstaining from sex until marriage. But they definitely should at least teach kids how to be safe instead of trying to scare them, then crossing their fingers and hoping it works.

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