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My headaches are frequent, they never go away. When they get really bad the only places I feel like stabbing myself to make it stop is my temples and in the middle of my eyebrows. Medication doesn't help me at all I did read some thing online saying that acupuncture might help get rid of the headaches but my parents won't let me get it done nor do they think it will help me.


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I'm sorry to hear you are still having headaches!  :(   Have you tried to eliminate dyes (especially red dye) from the foods you eat?   Or keeping a log of when you get your headaches, what you eat, drink, activities and see if you can link the headaches to anything in particular? 


IMO it sounds like a tension hedache, but I'd get it checked out.



JustMe, I have not done that yet but I will start making a log of when my headaches occur.

Melissa, It could be tension headache I also thought it could be sinus headaches 


You're right, maybe it is something with your sinuses.  I'd get it checked though regardless since you've been having them for awhile.



I used to have constant terrible headache but now it's less because vitamin b2 really helped me. if you want to try it, it takes times like 3 months. Also, magnesium works well too. 

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