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Low Normal Body Temperatures

Normal temperature is 98.6 degrees.  OK, well what happens if your regular body temperature is 97.6 (this is mine).  Does it mean I have a fever if the thermometer reads 98.6?  (It is a degree higher).  So do I add a degree to 98.6, making it 99.6 degrees, because the thermometer reads a point higher than 97.6?  Basically, if I have a normal temperature of 97.6, does it mean I have a temperature if the thermometer reads 98.6?


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It is possible to have a temperature lower than 98.6, even though the average or normal body temperature of a person is 98.6 it is possible tovary be one to two degrees (96.5 to 99.5). In most adults a fever is considered anything over 100. My average temperature ranges between 97.6 to 98.6.


Thank you for those links...they are very good ones and helpful.


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