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Epsom Salt Baths

Has anyone ever had an epsom salt bath where there muscles relax really fast and it affects their heart, not seriously, but feels like your heart is heavy and you feel out of breath really easily?  I was in a bath of epsom salt for maybe 10 minutes max and this happened to me, twice, so i can't take epsom salt baths anymore because of the after effects and worrying me; the feeling out of breath part is hard to get back on track.  Does the epsom salt affect a person's heart?  Has anyone had this experience?  It does relax muscles well, but it affects my heart too much to have.


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Epsom Salt (Mag Sulfate) reduces blood pressure. If someone is taking BP meds to lower BP, they should consult their Doctor before doing epsom soaks because Epsom Baths in combination with taking BP meds can cause hypotension.


Thank you....I DO take a BP med.  Now that explains it!


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