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9/12/13 show: argument between Dr. Berman and the guest DR.

Wow.  Does Dr. Berman ever shut up and give others, especially guests on the show, a chance to talk? 

Thank goodness the internist guest DR totally came back about Dr. Berman being a urologist vs her (the guest) being an internest who deals with the cardiovascular problems, diabetes, stroke, etc.  I'm so glad she (guest DR) got to say all she did because Dr. Berman wouldn't let her get a word in edge-wise before that.

Like Dr. Travis said, medicine isn't cut and dry/black and white.  So to Dr. Berman, please let others (especially guests) give their opinions/ideas without interrupting so much.


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Boy! Does Dr Berman have what my mother would call " a guilty concious" when she jump in like that on the guest Dr. today I ended up changing the channel don't like that find it very rude Where is Dr. Lisa?



Idk where Dr. Lisa is.  It's too bad no one let the viewers know why she isn't there because so many people want to know.



I'm not happy with what appears to be a new line-up; I was very satisfied with the old cast.  The Doctors' show was better than Dr. Oz to me because it addressed the needs of all people--children, women and men, and they did not side track your Primary health provider when giving medical advice.  I loved their props and illustrations, and they did not humiliate participants; this was a very organized and professional show, not ego driven.  I hope they are not looking at the other channel as having "greener grass" and loose the green pasture (audience) that they once had. 


I don't like the new hosts on the show.  I don't know what happened to Dr Lisa, but it surely is a loss for the show.  The two doctors that are on now, seem to me that they are "competing" with each other as to who could be the most verbal and steal the spotlight.  To me, they don't add anything to the show at all. The show would have been better off having them be on occasionally as a guest host rather than bringing them on full time..they are just as bad as Jillian Michaels was.  Not sure if I'll be watching any more....too WAS a good show.


Yes, I totally agree with you. I saw that show and I'm glad the guest Dr. put her in her place!!! Dr. Berman is sooo Loud and Annoying.. I miss Dr. Lisa and wish she would return.. 


I think the other doctor was sying inaccurate things. Dr Berman was trying to correct. Read about the drug. Even package insert. Theother lady was not saying accurate stuff internist or not. They clearly edited the discussion so we didn't get all info but great topic and made me want to go research talk to my doc amd learn more. Turns out Dr Berman was correct and all doctors can prescribe qysmia.


The MAIN point I was making in this post was that Dr. Berman would not let the other DR get in a word edge-wise ... regardless of what they were talking about.





  • I  no longer watch the doctors. it has change .Dr Lisa was a good ladies in voice to all us  ladies, I do not understand why  this could not of been work out, I had no idea she left the show.I work at a retirement center , and we always put this show on for the residents  in the TV room. But now they said they rather watch another show Lisa is and will be missed at our retirement center.Sad when adults cannot work out our differences.

Where do I put in the word if the day 


I quit watching The Doctors when lineup changed the last time & Julian Michaels was on. Now I am not watching because of the new season lineup. The show is not the same & definitely not the same without Lisa! If she doesn't come back & the show changes back to the regular lineup & format...I won't be watching.



where is dr.lisa masterson,someone needs to tell everyone what has happened to her cause a lot of people are concerned about what has happened,we miss her cause she was fun and done her job well and very likeable and the one you got now is no comsparees to lisa,rachael ross is not good on the show please bring dr.lisa masterson back please we need her

Lillie K Martin

I would like to know what happened to Dr.  Lisa the show isn't the same without her, she is turely missed.




No one seems to know.  Maybe you could contact the show (see CONTACT THE SHOW in the bar above).



I used to watch Doctors 2-3 times a week when it was the original cast of 4.  Not too crazy about the new additions. Has the question been answered, where did Lisa go?!


I just started watching the show so I don't know the doctors names.  So my question is for the lady doctor, who is very attractive, but I wonder about the high heels.  

Does she feel those spike shoes are healthy  for your feet.


I don't miss Dr. Lisa, she was way too opinionated and talked more than needed also. I do like the new lineup except for Dr. Berman- she is another Jillian!


Really miss Dr Lisa...not so happy with the new line up.


I miss Dr. Lisa also.


Margaret Love

What  happened to Dr. Lisa , and  Dr.  Orden, please bring them back


Dr. Ordon is still on the show.  Dr. Lisa has been gone since the beginning of the season, but she does come on the show once in awhile.



i like the new drs, lisa was on the show a few weeks ago, she had cut her hair and really didn't act right, she acted like she did not feel well, and she didn't have on her wedding rings. she may be going through some personal things.


I really enjoyed watching the Doctors, but once they said they were bringing Julian Michaels as part of their line up, I quit watching. She must not have lasted too long. I don't know why they were ever bringing her on, she certainly isn't a doctor.


Jillian only lasted 1/2 a season, fortunately not any longer. 



I was wondering if it was just me who gets annoyed with the closed minded Dr Berman and Dr Ross who only yell over those who have a different opinion. Plus they don't offer any solutions- they just argue.  

I am always open to listening to those with opposing opinions.  However I cannot stand these two doctors because all they end up sounding like are whining complainers.  I don't even like the show anymore either.  


I also get annoyed with Dr. Berman.  IMO she always * has * to be the center of attention no matter who is talking.


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