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Allergy to Nuts/Nut products/Seeds

Apparently a person can develop an allergy to nuts/nut products/seeds at any point in their life.

I finally figured out why over the past few days my tongue kept swelling and throat felt tight, and I would wake up with a headache after falling asleep.  Other things happened too but they could have been coincidental to just having those symptoms.  Yesterday I took some benadryl and it helped a lot to unswell my tongue and throat.  Finally.  Took it again today.  So I am now having to avoid so much food; (almost all of) my food contains nuts, seeds, or contains nut products, or are plain nuts.  I LOVE nuts.  I cant eat peanut butter even.  I have so much peanut butter stocked up idk what to do with it all.  There is so much food to get rid of.  I'll probably give the unopened things to a local food bank, otherwise I guess if my parents want the food then it is theirs.

The DR knows my tongue has been swollen, but it was my mother that said it might be an allergy, and she was right. After I cut out the nuts etc, then reintroduced them, it was obvious.


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Melissa- I, also, believe that it IS possible to develop allergies at any stage of life!  I developed sinus problems, sensitivity to dairy (lactose intolerance), and had an allergic reaction to sulfa medication that had been prescribed for a UTI, all in my mid-to-late 20's.  Prior to that, I had NEVER had ANY allergies, and could eat ice cream and drink milk, etc. without any repercussions!

Then, as I aged, I did become sensitive to certain foods, but not to the point where the sensitivity would be considered an 'allergy'; just things that I would have to remember to avoid eating- otherwise, they would cause mostly gastric problems (stomach upset, and sometimes the need to visit the bathroom many times after eating the particular items!).  BTW, one of those items is nuts; which I used to LOVE eating, and now can't!      

In addition, a family member- who is in his mid-50's- has just recently started to display symptoms of lactose intolerance after eating anything with milk in it, so we are starting to suspect that he now has problems with dairy; something about which he had previously never had to have been concerned in his entire 56 years! 

So, I'm sorry to hear about your current problem with nuts, but I do like your idea of giving the unopened food items to a food pantry; I am sure that the donation will be greatly appreciated!         


Hey Melissa...I don't know what I'd do if I developed a nut allergy!  I LOVE nuts too!  I eat them every day!  I know you mentioned a while back that you love brazil do I, I love them all, too. Here are some tips to possibly getting over your new nut allergy (nothing is for certain, but it's worth a try):

1) Avoid all nuts for a while.

2) Eat foods high in carotenoids as well as quercetin.  Research further to see if these foods help with allergies (my vitamin book says they help, but do other sources concur?).  Carotenoids: yellow and orange foods, plus dark leafy greens.  Quercetin: Apples, onions.  There's also supplements of these substances.

3) After a while, reintroduce a small amount of nuts into your diet.

4) If all is well, DO NOT eat nuts every day (This is my problem. I eat them every day, and experts say that when you want to avoid developing food allergies, do not eat that item every day.  Oops.  I can't help it, I love them so much!).

5) Do some research on honey.  Does eating it help with food allergies, or just outdoor allergens?  I've heard that it helps with outdoor allergens, but maybe it helps with food allergies???

6) Does your allergy happen with all nuts or just peanuts/peanut butter?  Allergy to peanuts is the most common allergy.  Does all your products you mentioned above contain peanuts mixed in with the other nuts?  Point being, if you're just allergic to peanuts (not even real nuts, they're legumes) then maybe you can at least eat the other "real" nuts?  Did you take an offical allergy test?  Have you tried isolating your new allergy by eating "real" nuts not tainted with peanuts?  (Just wishful thinking on my part, that perhaps you have only an allergy to peanuts!)    


Hi GreenFish,

I did just learn it could be with only certain nuts too.  I re-tried peanut butter today to make sure (I LOVE peanut butter!) it caused a problem or not, and it causes a slight one.  I wasnt sure at first, but took some liquid Benadryl and immediately my tongue wasn't as big.  I could still breathe and all after eating the peanut butter, but I think if I push it by eating it like I usually do, it would cause a much worse reaction.  Tomorrow I think I am trying almonds.  I love almonds! If it is possible to develop an allergy if you eat too many nuts/seeds, then I would guess that might have been it; I eat nuts all the time, every day.  And I LOVE pumpkin seeds too ... those are out of the question though now.

The Brazil nuts I do like too but learned what selenosis was like ... not diagnosed but I had become obsessed with getting enough selenium, so I was eating 3-4 nuts/day, PLUS taking a selenium vitamin/s every day.  Once I started to see all these things happen (symptoms I couldnt put a finger on), I cut out the selenium (the Brazil nuts and vitamins) and all the problems went away.

I love apples and have those every day also, and try to get in the leafy greens etc when I can.  I love honey too.  I'll look into trying that also.  I havent had an official allergy test yet, just know by what happens when I eat different things.  Thanks for the advice.



Good luck with the almonds!  If it suddenly happens where I develop allergies, I think I'd be doing what you're doing, trying to single out if there are any possible ones I could still eat!   With Benadryl capsules in my other hand, just in case, of course.

I STILL have to try pumpkin seeds!  There right there when I go to buy nuts...their high in zinc, which makes me want to try them, see if I at least like them or not...


Pumpkin seeds are also high in magnesium and phosphorus!  If you ever need to experiment if you might have developed an allergy, I would have LIQUID Benadryl in your hand.  It works very fast if needed. 

This AM I thought dark chocolate was ok, and the almonds in it were the cause of the swollen tongue and severe headache, but I looked back on things I have eaten the past week or so ... I noticed that the last really bad headache I had was when I had plain dark chocolate.  So I really need to see if there is a problem with dark chocolate alone.  I am actually afraid to try the dark choc again (even though it might not be it) because my tongue does swell and I really dont want to re-live this headache again.  So I am giving it a few days off so it can recover from the head pain.  I still might be able to have the almonds (wasnt a fair test today) and will test them again, but just in case it is the almonds that give the headache, I cant go through another today!  So in a few days I'll try things out.

But IMO, liquid Benadryl is the best to have on hand.  If the store doesnt have it, you can get the Zzz Nyquil, which is pure diphenhydramine (Benadryl), nothing other than that.  That is what I have around, as well as the chewables.



Now I'm really going to try pumpkin seeds next time I'm grocery shopping!

I will definitely keep Liquid Benedryl on hand...I didn't know they made that.  I've definitely seen Zzz Nyquil, though.  Thanks so much for that, very good to know!

Yes, dark chocolate can be like red wine when it comes to headaches. 

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