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Dealing with back pain?

I've had back problems/pain for over 4 years now and doesn't seen like its getting any better. I've done physical therapy for 16 weeks (which they said they didn't see and difference from where I started to where I ended) chiropractors, trigger shot injections. No one wanted me to try medications because I'm too young (I'm 23) and the only thing I haven't really done was epidurals and I don't really want to do them. So I have 3 bulging discs (or 1 herniated) 1 lower and 2 upper back, degenerative disc disease, arthritis, pinched nerves, one going to my feet and making my feet hurt and some numbness, my neck hurts really bad sometimes to where I just can't hold it up myself and horrible headaches/migraines that can last for days until they actually go away(nothing I've bought over the counter will help at all), the muscles or the nerves are messing with one side of my chest/side to where it makes my arm weak and hurt when I use it allot or even driving. I'm just not sure what else to do. They say it's not that bad but why can't I stand or walk much with it not bothering me, I can't hardly walk through a smaller mall without having to sit down so I don't know how I'll be able to actually have a job that requires me to stand/walk much. At my age is like to be doing things I like to do but can't do what I like anymore. I'm just not sure what to do anymore. People just tell me to "suck it up" . The doctors I have seen said "it's not that bad" but why does it bother me so much. Even having my gallbladder out felt like a walk in the park compared to some days I have and I didn't even really use any pain medication afterwards.  I just wonder what it will be like when I get older. Anyone have any ideas?

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Have you done any abs/core exercises yet? as you engage your core, it starts to straighten your back more.  Try to stretch your back as you engage your core.  Strong / firm core can save your back.


I've done just about everything already it seems like. I've done that in therapy everyone and was there all together 16 weeks and there was a difference from when I started to when I ended. I guess the next step are epidurals at least that's what I was told but don't really want to get them. They said that If I need them when I get older they probably wouldn't work if I get them now. I guess we will see. I have an appointment in 2 weeks to go talk about it. 

Elisha M

I'm twice your age but age today doesn't matter when your in pain, but when I was younger and I fell and It started because

I fell on a rock when I was in 6th grade, have tons of problems and I can sit here and tell you what hurts and not but 

when your feet hurt everything else hurts so thats what I'm trying to get my point accross,

I was going to try and suggest 2 differnt types of shoes to walk in and thats what my ortho told me and it helps

ora least makes a difference for me but it should help you because your much younger.

1. Newbalance Shoes

2. Propet'   they are both  are good tennis shoes 

Best to you


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