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I have been an avid follower of this show for years, as it has always provided clear and positive medical guidance and advise.  With the new season and the addition of the two new "experts", I have lost all interest in the show.  The show now has a "theatric" feel, often resulting in arguments between Jillian and others on the show and is "tackling" philosphical issues, not medical issues.  If I wanted a talk show to discuss controversial lifestyle issues and not physical medical issues, I will watch one of the many other shows (which i don't do because I hate the yelling and arguing).  Sorry to leave your show, as I truly felt that you were providing a good service to your audience.  Now you are just providing a "talk show"

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I agree.  In fact I'm so bothered by her yelling that I signed up here just to comment.  I don't know how much longer I can tolerate her on this very informative show.  I may stop watching.




I also agree!  I am having a hard time swallowing the show now.  I now have to change the channel everytime Jillian opens her mouth because it is starting to make my skin crawl.  She is way to argumentative and she does not meld well with the rest of the cast.  I find all she brings to the show is theatrics.  I have yet to hear anything helpful from her at all.  She has nothing to add to the show that the other Doctors don't have.  I also may have to stop watching.


I agree with you completely!




I totally agree and am very disappointed with the two new overly ambitious unprofessional hosts


i'm with you all the way and I know 99% of us will stop watching the show.

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