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What happened to Wendy?

Working long hours, I rely on DVR to watch my favorite TV shows and ever since Wendy joined The Doctors it has been regularly watched.   Lately I have been FF thru the show as there are no Wendy segments.  I don't miss Jillian at all, but from the segments I have watched this year, the show is boring, mundane, and somewhat sterile.   The best segments of the year where with Wendy because she brings personal experience to her segments...not just another doc reading off a teleprompter.   Let Jay McGraw know he has to bring Wendy back by the end of the month or my office stops DVR'ing the show.  There are several of us who started watching The Doctors because of Wendy, and there will be several of us who stop watching without Wendy on the show.  I mean the purpose of bringing a person like Wendy to the show was to increase your male audience over 40, so I guess Jay McGraw doesn't want us watching the show anymore.  Peace.

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I agree, Wendy should come back on the show only as a guest  not as a steady once in a while. I missed a show this week and I think Dr. Wendy was on.


I agree with JS ... only on as a guest.



Who the heck is Wendy??  She must have been the other female  that was there for a short time??  What was so special??  The show is great the way it is.  The addition before did not help.  Actually, many are  happy how the show is back again.  I love it and watch it everyday.   I'm sure you are a small majority who refuse to watch it now that the orignal cast is on.    Sorry, but if you are looking for pretty women, there are many reality shows on TV that have women for view.  We are watching an educational show, not a beauty pageant.


Angela ... The other female that was added when JM was on was Dr. Wendy Walsh, a psychologist.  I THINK the producers thought it would work out, seeing she was a DR and all (JM no where near a DR).  But like others have said, I think she came in at the wrong timing because had she been weaned into the show or just come on first before JM showed her face, she probably would have been more appreciated.  Yes, she is a DR, but IMO though even though she specializes in psychology, she only talked about children (from the shows I saw) and issues with them.. No other mental illness was covered, not even depression (if it was I missed it and on the messageboards which I am on every day).  So IMO, I dont think she was successful on the show b/c one, she came in the wrong place, wrong timing, and/or 2.  She limited herself to a little area of psychology, when there is a vast amount of information out there on so many other things that could have been covered.  She might be a nice person, but IMO not a good addition to the show.  MAYBE in the future they could add a PSYCHIATRIST but even then, it would be hard to get a good fit with the original 4.



Touche, Angela! 

I LOVE the last two sentences of your comment: "Sorry, but if you are looking for pretty women, there are many reality shows on TV that have women for view.  We are watching an educational show, not a beauty pageant". 

And, I couldn't agree with you more; IMO, if oversexed, "middle-age crisis" men need scrawny, mousy-looking, out-of-the-bottle blondes to ogle, there are probably many cable stations that will indulge them!     

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