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Robin's Facial Scrub

If you’re like many women, then you’re constantly striving to look younger, and one place ladies focus their attention is their face. There are many products and procedures to help you rejuvenate your skin, but you can also use ingredients found in your own kitchen to attain a youthful glow. Robin McGraw shares her recipe for a facial scrub that soothes and revitalizes the skin.

1 cup oatmeal
1 cup almonds
• ½ cup honey

Put oatmeal and almonds in the blender and combine. “Make it as fine as you think you want, because you want it dense enough to scrub,” Robin says.

Add honey to the oatmeal almond mixture. Apply to the face and wash off.

If you choose to make it in larger batches, you can keep the extra in a plastic bag in the refrigerator.

“One thing I love about this is you can do it every day, because it’s all natural, won’t harm your skin and really exfoliates well,” Robin says.

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