Haiti: State of Emergency

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 The Doctors in Haiti

The Crisis in Haiti
• See pictures from The Doctors' visit to Haiti.
On an emotional Dr. Phil, go behind the headlines in Haiti with Jay and Jordan McGraw and the team from The Doctors.
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Check out some of @DrJimSears' videos from Twitter as he posted live from the field.

For more information about the organizations that donated supplies to The Doctors Haiti relief effort, please go to Related Resources
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OAD 2/2/10

The massive earthquake in Haiti on January 12 — and the subsequent aftershocks — have left more than 100,000 people dead and millions in urgent need of medical care. Executive producer of The Doctors, Jay McGraw, his brother, Jordan, E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork, OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson, plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Drew Ordon and pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears traveled to the country to offer medical care and deliver much-needed supplies. From operating on a young boy who suffered a head injury, to treating sick children at an orphanage to finding food for a starving girl, The Doctors do whatever they can to help those affected by the disaster.

"I tried to prepare myself to come down here, but I wasn't ready to see what I've seen," Dr. Jim says. "I find that when I'm working with these kids, I'm good; I'm working just one-on-one, taking care of kids. But [it's] not until I step back and I take a break, I break down."

"In a crisis like this, you can never have enough physicians," Dr. Travis says. "This is an emotional trip for all of us."

Watch The Doctors' experience in Haiti:

E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork speaks with CBS news medical correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton and deputy operations manager for Doctors Without Borders, Dr. Greg Elder, who are on the scene in Haiti and offer firsthand accounts of what it's like in the devastated country.

The following videos contain footage that is graphic in nature.

Dr. Ordon and Dr. Lisa Treat a Boy's Head Wound, PT 1

Dr. Ordon and Dr. Lisa prepare a young boy, who suffered a serious head wound when a roof fell on his head, for unconventional surgery.

Dr. Ordon and Dr. Lisa Treat a Boy's Head Wound, PT 2

Dr. Ordon and Dr. Lisa continue to operate on a young boy who has suffered a serious head injury and lost his family in the earthquake.

Dr. Jim Finds Food for
a Starving Girl

Dr. Jim brings much-needed food and water to a young girl who is starving to death.

Jay McGraw and Dr. Jim on Haiti's Desperate Conditions

Jay and Dr. Jim travel through Port-au-Prince pointing out serious problems that may arise.

Dr. Jim and Dr. Lisa Provide Care at an Orphanage, PT 1

Dr. Jim and Dr. Lisa travel to an orphanage that was devastated by the earthquake.

Dr. Jim and Dr. Lisa Provide Care at an Orphanage, PT 2

Dr. Jim and Dr. Lisa set up a makeshift office and treat sick children at an orphanage.

Dr. Travis Treats a Woman with a Toe Infection

Dr. Travis cares for a woman whose toe was injured and became infected because it wasn't treated.

The Doctors React to
Their Time in Haiti

The Doctors reflect on their emotional experience helping those in need.