Dr. Phil Interviews Michelle Knight


Dr. Phil joins The Doctors to give an inside look at his exclusive interview with Michelle Knight, one of three Cleveland women abducted and held captive by kidnapper and rapist, Ariel Castro.

As the first victim to break her silence, Michelle reveals to Dr. Phil the horrific details of what happened to her in the basement of Castro’s home, during her more than 11 years of confinement. Michelle is "The Forgotten One," Dr. Phil says. "Three girls were taken. Three girls were rescued. Two girls went home. She had no home to go to. And the things that he did to her during that time — she needed a voice. She needed to talk about it."

Michelle reveals one of the most disturbing traumas she endured.

Dr. Phil and The Doctors discuss the horrific details of Michelle's multiple pregnancies. 

Ariel Castro was sentenced to more than 1,000 years in prison for kidnapping and raping Michelle and the two other women. He was found dead in his cell on September 3, 2013.

• To see more of Dr. Phil's exclusive interview with Michelle Knight, tune in to Dr. Phil Tuesday and Wednesday, Nov. 5 and 6, 2013.

Effects of Long-term Solitary Confinement:
• Visual and auditory hallucinations
• Hypersensitivity to noise and touch
• Insomnia, paranoia and anxiety
• Headaches
• Uncontrollable feelings of rage and fear
• Increased risk of suicide and PTSD
• Severe muscle atrophy
• Untreated asthma or allergies
• Oral infections and loss of teeth
• Depression
• Sleep disturbances
• Disorientation

Risks from Lack of Long-Term Medical Care:
• Dental problems
• No timely immunizations
• Untreated sexually transmitted diseases
• Lack of disease treatment

• How To Avoid Child Abductions
Infant Abduction
Child Safety Tips

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