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I have checked this website for the contest or prizes or gifts The Doctors said we could try for. Where are these located? I think it was about two weeks ago Dr. Stork said we could go to to find out how we can get these prizes. It is kinda hard to navigate thru this website.

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I  don't know anything about how to find prizes or gifts,but I do agree with you about navagating this website.I have ahard time when I get an email that says someone responded to a comment or post I wrote,when I click on it sometimes I get to see what was written and other times I can't seem to get to it.If anyone can explaine to me hoe to do this and find the prize or giveaway site for the other Lady I would appreciate it...Jamie


Contests can always be found on the daily Show Synopsis page. To locate the one you're looking for, go to EPISODES at the top of the page and select either Today's Show, Shows this Week, or Archives for previous shows. Locate the show and click on the picture or title, then select Show Synopsis. You should see the contest listed somewhere on that page. NOTE: If the show is a rerun, the contest may no longer be available.



Make sure that you are logged in to the site before you click that e-mail link.  If you are still having trouble viewing the messages then please go to TECHNICAL HELP located under CONTACT THE SHOW. 




Here are some tips to navigating the site.

Always make sure you are logged in first. :)

You can view your most recent comments on the right side of your profile page. You can reach your profile by putting your cursor over the word COMMUNITY above and choosing VIEW PROFILE.  Once there, you can create your own personal BLOGs.

To view video clips, go to the PROCEDURE CAM. At the top of that screen is a search box.  It will return video clips, message board comments, and shows on that subject matter.

You can find information from today's show on the SHOW SUMMARY page.  To get there go up to EPISODES, choose TODAY'S SHOW.  On that page next to the Video box you will see SHOW HIGHLIGHTS along with other links related to the show.   For older shows choose THIS WEEK, or ARCHIVES from the drop down menu.

If you wish to discuss a show topic you do so from the link on the show page, or go to COMMUNITY and choose MESSAGE BOARDS.

If you want to learn more about a member, click their name and it will take you to their profile page. Once there you can post comments to them.

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If you have any questions, just ask.




Thak you s much for helping me with getting around the site.I really enjoy getting to know the people I have met so far.I am also looking forward to getting to know each of you dctors I missed the show today,was at my I love all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Jamie

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