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Weend Partying*•.?.•* NO regrets

Hi Everyone,

this weekend was so wonderful to say the least. LOL....  I was invited and went to 2 nice parties. One was a Birthday and the other a Going away bash  the food was buffet and all you can eat.  Alot of vegs and lean meats.  OMG  alot of fresh fruit and than Sunday lean meats and cookies.  I have a weakness for peanut butter and they were there.

I was doing good.  I even had 1 than 2 cookies...  I did not feel bad. I had told myself this was a test and I had to do my best.  do not hate on yourself..  Put on your big girl Panties and stay focused.  LOL  Yesterday I was taken out to lunch and all you can eat resturant Sam's Southern food and Seafood.  Portions were off the chain. alot of fried foods. I had grilled fish and green beans.  Came home with 2 to go boxes with 2 full meals as left overs. Went to the Mall and walked 5/8 of a mile.  Not alot of walking the idea was important. To do something after a meal woo hoo. 

Tonight taking hubby out for his 70th Birthday....  Menu will be steak and shrimp or chicken cajun.  Hopefully all the events will be over for a long while.  I weighed in today Day 17 Cycle 1  .8 not even a quarter of pound gain. woo hoo.  I feel good and I am looking forward to cycle 2 tomorrow.   Take care  and I have no REGRETS.  I have to plan better is all.  Good luck everyone  tifa  *•.♥.•*   I am so blessed it could have been worst*•.♥.•*


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