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Today's show Free Prize Signup?

I signed onto this site to sign up for chance at free items given away on show.  Can't find where to sign up.  Anyone know?  TIA.

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Was looking for the 24 hour fitness free membership but did not find any info. Anyone know???



Health Freebies
From mold tests to facials, find out how you can stay healthy for free! Do you have fabulous free finds? Share them with others!



Any written information we have can be found on our Show Synopsis, Related Resources, or Special Thanks pages. To locate the one you're looking for, go to EPISODES at the top of the page and select either Today's Show, Shows this Week, or Archives for previous shows. Locate the show and click on the picture, then select Show Synopsis, Related Resources, and/or Special Thanks.


@TheDoctorsBoard1 - thanks for the info but have to say I did as you recommend and still did not find info on signing up for items as "advertised" on the show.  The studio audience received prizes and one of the docs says to go online for a chance to win those same items.  I clicked on synopsis and related resources and nothing to this effect.  There is no option for special thanks on that page other than the main page.  Very confusing to say the least.  Any furrther help would be greatly appreciated.  TIA again!




Are you talking about the Fix Your Health for Free Episode from Friday 3/14/2011?  I just reviewed the show from Monday, 3/21/2011 (Scary Symptoms that are Harmless) and I am not seeing anything given away. 

If you are speaking of the show from Friday, 3/14/2011, then halfway down the page, under the photo of Dr. Jim at the blood pressure machine, there is a list of the Giveaways and there is a link onthe main show page for the Health Freebies


how do i get a chance to win the vaccuum cleaner..the air purifier and the pillow? :)

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