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eyelids are peeling

I have no idea what's going on!  The inside corners of both my eyelids are peeling ( for about 2 months now). I can remove the loose flaky skin, and it is clear for a couple days. Then I wake up with both eyelids puffy, red and peeling. It does not seem to affect the lower part of the eyes nor the area above the eyelid.

It does not itch, but it burns. It is impossible to cover with makeup.

Also, since I am blogging... I have moderate to severe leg and low back pain every day. MRI's and CT Scans show nothing. The pain is always from the waist down, and is worse when I try to turn in the bed at night, or switch positions when seated. I can stand as long as I keep moving, but can not stand in one place for more than 20 minutes or so. I was thinking it could be a nerve or something. Should I see a neurologist or what?

ANY IDEAS?  Thanks Lollie

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Hi Lollie,  Yes.  See your family physician and get a referral for your eyelid concerns and the pain below the waist. I would stay away from makeup, it may be irritating your lids.  Diana


I would see a doctor also, for me I'd see a dermatologist for my eyelids, and my primary care doctor for my back and let them decide if you should see a neurologist or not., just my 2 cents.



well the problem with the pain is getting ridiculous. My primary doctor referred me to an orthopedic doctor, who found nothing, so he referred me to a neurologist that ordered an MRI, he said he found nothing...but thinks physical therapy will help. I have been hurting for yrs now...they do not seem understand that it is not in the joints or muscles. It feels like it is deep in the bones...instead of doing a bone scan or checking the nerves..they want me to do PT...which I did a year ago and it only worsened the conditon. They will not give me anything stronger than Ultram (what a joke, I have to take two of them and it just takes the edge off).

As far as the eyelids, I did stop wearing seemed to get worse. The rheumatologist I went to said to use a hydrocortizone did nothing at all. I guess I am just getting very irritated and discouraged with the doctors around here. It seems that they really do not care to find out what is causing me all this pain. I actually overheard one doctor talking to his nurse in the hall and he told her that he thought I was just looking for sypmathy and drugs. All I want is to be able to have a normal life again.


I have lower back problems from a serious back sprain and when I went to my primary's office, the FIRST thing he did was prescribe  amuscle relaxer-- I don't want to push medications on pple and you said they are h esitant to prescribe, but have you ever tried a muscle relaxer.  I still take one--cyclobenzaprine---on and off for residual pain/spasms, but it really helped me.  I hope this helps some.  Good luck.



Hi, thanks for repsonding. yes I have tried muscle relaxers, but can only take them at night..because the put me to sleep...they only work while I am soon as they start to wear off the pain comes right back. Obviously I can not sleep my life away. I have also tried anti inflammatories. The only thing that I have found that works is hydrocodone..however only one doctor would give them to me..and he would only do it once.


Hey lollie. suggestion about the eyes. Mine get that way during allergy season.. so ideas.. do you have major seasonal allergies?  I have to use eye drops.. keep my eyes moist.. they got too dry taking allergy medicine every day.  i had to go to the eye doctor and get prescription til they could produce enough to use the cheap kind.  umm..try standing under hte shower with luke warm water hold your eyes open and let the water lubricate them.. Do what you can to get your eyes to water.  If they normally water when you cut an onion and they don't. you might be dehydrated.. drink more water. these are all suggestions the eye doctor gave me.. No makeup until it heals..i would get like a strip of dry skin peel off in the mornings for about a month. my eyes were always bloodshot. part of it was i was straining my eyes cuz i needed a new glasses prescription. 

hope this helps


Thanks for the suggestions hendricksmom, but I do not suffer from allergies at all. The eyes themselve are not dry or red, it is the eye lids only. very odd, and never had this before until about 2 months it only goes away for a couple days at a time. I have been make up free for a while now and keep it moist with no avail. Oh well, hopefully it will clear up soon. thanks for the help. Lollie


Lollie, I did a search for you, try  There is a Q and A section there with others that have similar problems.  Do you have sensitive skin?  Maybe try hypo-allergenic lotions and creams??? Diana


thanks diana, i will check it out. no i do not have sensitve skin at all. this whole thing is just not normal for allergies at all, nothing. again, thanks ladies for listening and helping! take care and God Bless


As far as the pain in your back I would go to a pain specialist who deals just with those kind of things.They can give you shots for your back pain if find it neccessary.It could be a pinched nerve.Just my 2 cents.



Well the the eyelids peeling I had that when I was younger and was eczema.  I took some years to get used to but haven't had that four about two years know.  I used a lot of things for it but could never use most of the creams because its to close to the eyes.  So for the back and leg pain try swimming for the pain.  It may help but I am not sure just read up about it that it helps with fibromyalgia, arthritis, spinal cord injury, and so on.

Sorry if this is not help full.


Yes, I am beginning to think pain management is the only answer..thanks for your reply!


Thank you all for your comments!

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