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medication forgetting

I bought my Mom a MED_Q pill box.  She went to the ER last year after triple dosing to cacth up on missed MEDS.  A BAD idea.  The pill box is an "All-in-One" electronic dispenser with flashing light on the indivudal box to be taken and an alarm that gets luder until she takes them.  It has bee since Aug since she has missed her twice daily doses.  It is the best 40 dollars I...
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I suggest any one who takes pills or supplemtns look at MEDQPILLBOX.c...

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Google MEDQPILLBOX.  It is great.  Reminds me with a flashi...

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On: American Academy for Advancement of Sciences Invites Vitamin D Expert Dr. John J. Cannell June 14 2011 San Diego (Post)

If you forget to take your vitimans like I did, you need to get the M...