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It Looks Bigger

One thing that some people believe about circumcision is that a circumcised penis will look bigger. Risking a 2-10% chance of medical complications so your son can have the illusion that he has a larger penis is just not justifiable. When your son is older and if he feels that he would like to create this illusion, which isn't necessarily true, he can make that decision. There is no need, if there is ever a need, to have a larger looking penis when you are a child, or for that matter an infant.

It is More Aesthetically Pleasing

This is a personal opinion. Truth is, it is likely that when people are actually going to be examining your son's penis with the intent to view it as potentially being pleasing to the eye it will be erect. Therefore if you are worried about loose skin, which isn't the case anyway, hanging from the tip of the penis when it is not erect don't worry the only people who will see that is yourself, when your son is an infant and child, and your son. If it truly bothers your son he can make the decision when he is older to circumcise himself.

It is Less Sensitive and Therefore the Sex Life of Your Son's Future Partner will be More Enjoyable

There is no reason to make decisions when your son is an infant that will affect the sex life of his partner. Every individual is going to be different in bed and some men intact and circumcised may climax earlier then others. With this kind of thinking you are ultimately saying that you are circumcising your son so he will not enjoy sex to the fullest potential.

It Will Be Easier to Clean

A circumcised penis is exposed to everything that it comes in contact with. If you have ever changed a diaper, one that is full of poop, you will know that poop does not stay in the rear section of the diaper, it gets over everything. While a circumcised penis is healing it is constantly being exposed to urine and feces. When an intact infant boy poops in his diaper you still have to make sure that you wipe off all of the poop on his penis but you can do it a lot easier. Your son's penis will not be sore because he did not have minor surgery on it. Once your son is older he can retract his foreskin, something that happens naturally and should be done the first time by the owner of the penis, all he needs to do is pull back his foreskin and rinse that area. Something that is going to take less then a minute.

It Will Look Like the Other Boys in the Locker Room

As a woman I will be honest in saying that in the locker room I don't remember that there were ever any comparisons of reproductive organs and from all of the men that I have asked about the matter, both circumcised and intact, said that they never saw or experienced a conversation like that either.

It Will Look Like His Father's

Not really. Infant penises are hairless and that will be the biggest difference that your son will notice if he sees his father's penis, and of course the size.

My Brothers Were Circumcised

Nothing against your parents, they were doing what they were educated to do, however in this generation a lot more medical evidence has proven that times have changed and circumcising isn't medically necessary.

Your Son Will Develop a Complex for Being Different

Once again as a woman I can vouch for myself not having these feelings but I can say the all of the intact men that I know and have asked about this matter say that they do not at all fill insecure about their intact penis.

I Believe That it is Medically Healthy

It is hard to know exactly what is medically correct, between friends and family you may get told a little of why you should circumcise and why you shouldn't. That is why is is always a good idea to do research when making a medical decision. I guarantee that you will find that a circumcised penis is not medically healthier than an intact penis.

The Doctor Said To

As much as I would love to say that we can trust all doctors and what ever a doctor says is going to be the right thing, I can't. My doctor told me that he didn't like his patients to go past 38 weeks in pregnancy, but it didn't mean that inducing at 38 weeks is medically the right thing to do. Remember, research is the only way that you can know for sure what is the right thing to do about anything.

When your son grows up he most likely will not have a reason to get circumcised, but if he wants to make that decision it is best that he is the one making it as an adult and not his parents while he is an infant and without his consent!

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I had my son circumcised and it went better than what I thought. He didn't cry when it was happening, cleaning the area was very easy and heeled up in about a week or two. I really don't see what the problem is. I've asked many men that has been circumcised and some that hasn't  how they feel about their parents making that choice for them and none of them seem to really give a damn one way or the other.


I think you have made your point.  You've posted enough information about this subject, let people make their own decision on what they want to do, instead of shoving it down their throats.


There is not right way to do a wrong thing.

James Loewen

Thank you for posting this list to help dispel the MYTHS that continue to perpetrate genital mutilation of children. Sorry that those mothers who chose FOR their son's did not have enough information to protect their sons form this assault. Yes ASSAULT. Forced circumcision precisely fits the legal definition of Aggravated Sexual Assault.

World famous obstetrician Michel Odent, pioneer of gentle birth methods, says every mammal's strongest natural instinct is that of a female to protect her young. Infant circumcision forces a mother at a vulnerable time after birth to give up her precious baby for very dubious purposes.

Mothers who have been duped into allowing a sexual wounding of their child then have a misplaced sense of protection, following the cutting they have to protect what was done. They also have to perpetrate the action and insist others follow suit.

Circumcision is harmful and thanks to education and availability of facts is coming to and end.

James Loewen

The myth, "If it's circumcised it looks bigger" is completely wrong. An intact penis with a foreskin looks bigger and is bigger than if it is cut off. Foreskin adds girth around the head and shaft of the flaccid penis. Secondly the foreskin allows for the penis to achieve maximum erection. Many men who were cut extremely tightly as infants strain at their own skin when erect, with never enough skin to accommodate a full erection. Finally when a cylindrical object (let's say a penis for example) is broken visually by horizontal lines (circumcision scar, corona of the glans) the visual length is reduced.


Any man who is cut is going to likely to feel badly about this. He can however look into uncircumcising himself, and while he cannot totally replace what was stolen by circumcision he can certainly improve the function and size of the circumcised state.

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