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Current US TV Stars that are INTACT! yay! :)

A Gallery of Famous Intact Men

Current US TV stars


and film

in the bottom of each page you will find the other links with lists of other intact males :)

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lol!!! geez, they are NOT graphic it is just the pics of the famous people not their penises... and for the record... your friends are calling 'eeewww' it doesn't matter, they think its disgusting so then tell God why on earth men are created that way, that he made a huge mistake. THAT'S disrespectful...


btw thanks for coming to my blog and commenting, I love comments that's why I don't delete them :):):):):):):):)


I insult people? really..?  LOL  show me links...  


I am showing facts, circumcision hurts babies no matter how you put it... hurts the men and women too.  If it works, why fix it. OR ask your child if he wants to be cut.  Probably I should've cut my daughters' breasts at birth to prevent cancer because it is in my family... very smart decision :) 


keep 'em coming baby...


more attractive and sturdy like? omg are listening to you? that is so sad :(  so what about if a boy is born with a strange nose, you are going to do cosmetic surgery on the boy because it looks better?  see?  this is my point... I am so glad that my boy is intact, if a girl he dates thinks like this at least I know he would not be dating someone shallow like that...


wow, I'm still in shock...


I see you ran out of ways to turn these facts around by laughing at what we (the activists) have to say or saying things like you hope my kids don't have a sexual problem.  Really... listen to yourself.  I am not harming anyone (no pun).


God Bless.


Latinamomof3, do you really think that people care what famous stars are "intact"as you put it??? So many people in here have so many different health issues, personal issues, concerns etc and come in here for either information sharing or support on lots of different  illnesses that they suffer daily from. You have shared lots of imfo on something that you are passionate about and that is wonderful, but read some of the profiles and you will see that there are other topics that people want to share as well. Sometimes you have to face it that you can not change others minds on certain topics and let it go. I commend your passion and your research etc but have to tell you that trotting out pics and lists of famous people that are "intact" {and not going to even think about how or why on earth you would want to know that}, does nothing to bolster your credibility.I came in here to get ideas from others suffering from severe migraines as I do because I felt I suffered so badly and I found so much support and friendship here. After reading blogs, comments and profiles I realized that there are so many here that are dealing with conditions and illnesses that cause them to suffer so much more then I and could possibly take them from thier partners, children and other family that love them. Now we have this 10 post ban because of all this bickering over trying to prove each other wrong over and over again and it is crippling the flow of support that so many people need here. It makes me sad.  


I don't really understand your post... I am not attacking anyone by posting this, am I?  This is a blog right?  do you know what blog means? This blog is so relevant to circumcision.  why does it bother you? 


Latinamom I didn't say you "attacked" anyone. I don't know why you didn't understand my post, I wrote it pretty clearly. Read it again, maybe you'll get it this time. I'm going to bed, have to work in the morning. Night all.


Night Citizen, sleep well, Take


Citizen, {that silly 2 minute thing} I meant to say take care of you...Deb


Soooo...posting the famous people that are intact is suppose to change my mind? 


It is VERY important to show that been an INTACT male is NORMAL and that we have them anywhere including in Hollywood.  This is part of the education. BTW this is what I do in my time off, promoting genital integrity :)

I don't really know why you all heated by my blogs, I am just posting very important information for NEW parents-to-be of baby boys.  Some doctors refuse to release the new information about circumcision so we (the intactivist) are here for that.


God Bless.


OMG this is as important as it is what celebrity voted for who!    You really have nothing to do then criticize other mothers for circumsising their sons???


A Reminder…

Time to remind everyone that there is a person behind every screen name. Let’s remember to address the topic without personally attacking another member because their views are different from yours. We all can learn a lot from everyone’s viewpoint, let’s try to keep this discussion progressing in the manner intended. Thanks.


Thanks so much Moderator.

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