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Babies DO feel pain :(
circ in NOT necessary, please do your research before making this drastic decision.

Today's parents say NO to circumcision:

Mothers against circ

Nurses against circ

Doctors against circ

Catholics against circ

Jewish against circ

more resources:




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Of course babies feel pain.  My goodness you have a lot to say about this subject!  Just to let you know, I have been a Mommy for 13 years and I have 4 boys who maybe or maybe not have been circumcised. Everyone has their reasons to circumcise or not to.  That is a very personal decision for all of us and should be talked about as husband and wife and doctor.  I hope you can understand that everyone is capable of making the "right" decision for their families.


Obviously, there are medical reasons to have this procedure done if you watched the show today.  I respect your right to refuse to circumcize, but I do not respect your way of demeaning Mothers that choose to circumcize.  Maybe you should also research the studies that support circumcision.


of course a doctor that support circ is going to tell you to circumcized for 'medical' reasons. You will be taking food from their mouth.  So let's see... let's cut all the girls genitalia to prevent UTI, or better, cut their vagina to prevent uterine cancer or their breasts?  see? doesn't make any sense.  why is different for boys?  both have rights, circumcision needs to be stopped and should not be performed to HEALTHY boys.  HIS decision, HIS body.  FORESKIN IS NATURAL.  Let's just cut it because God made a mistake, it shouldn't be there...


I totally agree with you firemanswife... It's a personal decision:  of the boy.  He should be able to make that decision. God Bless.


Well I guess your parents should have let you decide when you were older if you wanted immunizations, treatment for your infections, and education about your body.  I mean what were they thinking trying to make any decisions for you.  They should have shoved you out of the door as soon as you could walk and feed yourself and given you a harty pat on the back and wished you luck.  I did not harm my sons and my daughter does not get UTI infections so I guess I will keep her vigina in place.  Oh yeah, my sons still have their penises too!  You are a very rude person and a bully.  Maybe you should be on Dr. Phil's website.


I am not trying to offend anyone, not sure why you think that way... I am judging the doctors that perform this practice without a true medical reason, if it works why fix it?  I am really sorry you feel that way about me, I am just voicing what is true and the reality is that most parents are making this decsion based on what their doctors are telling what to do or what other people feel what is right without putting so much sense to it.  I know you make your decision already and i am NOT blaming you.  So many doctors cut their own sons and now they are changing their minds and telling their sons not to cut their grandsons because they have found that in fact, cutting a healthy part of a body does not do any good.  Which CANNOT be compared to inmunizations.  If you really think about it deeply, you will understand but I guess like a spanish saying:  There is no worse blind than the one who doesn't want to see. Hope I am translating it right.  Again, I am NOT blaming you... I mean my husband is cut and he sees now (after showing him the anatomy of the penis and its function) why circ is not correct.  He is a teacher and has finally learned that in fact cutting someone's foreskin is wrong and went ahead to thank me for making such an educated decision and that all parents should revise this and help other parents to teach others.   Treatment for infections can be treated without the need of amputating, that' s my point.  I can help my baby to prevent infection by proper hygiene and other methods like antibiotics or probiotics.  Not cutting.  Shall do no harm.  God Bless 


I have difficulty believing that youtube is scientific or for that matter very accurate.  No Thanks.


okay I posted a video in this blog, please read before you comment in MY blog. Thanks.


 I did say is that it is a personal decision.  That should be talked about between husband and wife and doctor. You have a very strong opinion on this issue which I think is great but when it comes to our own children we all have to make our own decisions and I know most of us are very smart, well educated, and very capable of decision making. I can honestly say that I have read some of your comments on here and I think what you are doing is the opposite of what you are trying to achieve.


I guess you are right, no wants to know the reality of circumcision even though I have posted true and real data.  including a topic on THE NEWS.  I am not trying to change the minds of anyone who already made their decision but to revise it and take it with a grain of salt.  AND to teach future parents of baby boys the case against circumcision.   This is not an opinion,  is a fact.  Circ is been eliminated in many countries because doctors have found it unethical and unnecessary and harmful.


I am going to go outside and play with my children now. It's a beautiful day here in Seattle.  You all have a wonderful day. Let's keep things positive and embrace everyone's differences and opinions.



Beach Bum;

I agree with you both focus all that energy on other issuses.I have seen her profile, and it makes me feel like I am at a protest and do not want to be there.

Also I dated this guy who was intact and I though"What the hell is this" It does look like an elephant's trunk.


CitizenCraptastic Said:

I agree about female cir. That is done in 3rd world nations with NO pain killers and often with dirty/non-sterilized instruments. I have found no data that says if a male cir. is done CORRECTLY there will be long term effects.

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Would it make you feel better if they did female circumcisions in hospitals with doctors? Like the do in Indonesia, Malaysia or Egypt among other places? And what do you say to the boy who had a serious complication? Sorry son, we were going for the decorative effect but oh well, you play the hand that was dealt.

Human Rights is always a worthy cause.



Beach Bum,

Protecting a male child's most basic human rights will always be a worthy cause. This has nothing to do with "hobbies". Do you think we enjoy fighting this battle? It isn't fun and its not easy either. But is it worth it? Yes, its worth it! Men are human beings too. Intact genitals is a birth right for both genders, not just females.


beach bum, You speak of it as if it is a bad thing. Many positive changes that were brought about in our society started out as grass roots activists issues. This is no different.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.", Margaret Mead



You need to control your self!!!!!!!!! Stop with the cussing it's unbecoming,and nobody here wants to hear it.You will be deleted.If you are an adult act like one ,if not you should not talk like that.Would you say things like that to your Mother? Well we are people and Mothers.



Would I say that to my mother? No, I have respect for my mother and mothers who respect their children. Saying the intact penis "looks like an anteater", and "Elephant Trunk" ???? Thats disrespectful. At the same time, I'm thrilled my intact boys have a God-Given Shallow Women Filter! 



Thank you so much for that video and for being so passionate and informed about circumcision.  I don't find any of your posts to be attacking or offensive.  I'm really sorry that people are laughing at you and saying you need to "get a hobby" just because you are well educated on an important subject.  I don't understand why someone would say that.  I mean, there is lots of meaningless stuff that people go on and on about (clothes, celebrities, tv...) so why someone thinks that you care "too much" about circumcision is beyond me.  I'm hearing a lot of insecurity coming out in many posts and I just want to give all these moms a hug!  We certainly all want the best for our kids!!

I absolutely believe that circumcision is not necessary and is damaging and painful to boys but I do not blame the parents for making the decision.  It makes me very angry that doctors continue to perform circumcision without the support (or rather, with the opposition) of every major medical organization.

I will never circumcise a child thanks to people like you, who had the patience to educate me, unless my child  actually  gets  penile cancer or gangrene or any of the other  extremely rare foreskin problems.

I really feel like this is a good discussion and that most people are being fairly respectful of each other.  As for the people who make the "Ewwww" comments about intact penises, that's when I felt the posts got offensive.  To me that would be equivalent to a man saying how grossed out he was about a woman’s small breasts or "smelly" vagina.  I mean, WHY didn't her parents get that taken care of at birth!!??!?  Those comments were unnecessary and way out of line.  I also think that equating love to circumcision is very inappropriate. 



"The foreskin is about as useless as the appendix. Even the gallbladder has a job and it can be removed and the body recovers."

This is so true!  We should totally be removing babies appendix and gallbladder at birth since they can live without them!  I mean, really, think of the complications that it could prevent.  How annoying to have appendicitis ruin your vacation, just take care of that thing at birth!

Absolutely, great point.



A Reminder…

Time to remind everyone that there is a person behind every screen name. Let’s remember to address the topic without personally attacking another member because their views are different from yours. We all can learn a lot from everyone’s viewpoint, let’s try to keep this discussion progressing in the manner intended. Thanks.


Thank you for these links! As soon as our culture finally bans this out-dated, barbaric ritual we will finally be able t call ourselves "civilized" - at least in  respect to not willingly abusing and mutilating babies!!


<<"Also I dated this guy who was intact and I thought "What the hell is this" It does look like an elephant's trunk.">>

I really have a problem with comments like these with regards to this topic. It's fine to have a preference, but what does your sexual preference have to do with your son, may I ask? I think it's pretty sick and disturbing to push your sexual preferences on your own child to the point of actually performing cosmetic surgery on them.

I mean really, think about it. ICK.

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