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Six months after the MMR jab... a bubbly little girl now struggles to speak, walk and feed herself :(

Horrible story :(

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I read the story.  I am as sad as anyone that this is happening to these people.  I am also just as sure that the mmr did not cause this little girl to fall ill.  It may have added to the illness, but it wasn't the cause.   I have two sons, loves of my life.  The 17 year old has high functioning autism and the 14 year old doesn't.  They both had mmr's.  They will not get the measles and be sterile or die of any horrible diseases.  And i don't believe autism is caused by vaccines.  All we need is an outbreak of diseases that we can't cure and can't afford to find cures for.  vaccinate your children, people.  And remember, there are no guarantes in this life.  We get what God intends us to have.  Bobbie


wow i just read this article very scary . We just don't know nowa days do we. with all the recalls and everything what is safe or not Pros Cons.??vacicnate or not. if we don't they won't be allowed to go to the schools in our town if we do what can happen to our beloved children.  This is terrible. what happened to this child.


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