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Bad change

In my opinion the show has gone downhill ever since Jillian came on. She is argumentative and is not a Dr. at all.

If you have to keep her on I suggest you send her out on field assignments and do not put her one the panel. Your show used to be a calm informative show and I learned alot now you have this constant fussing and I have enough conflict in my life without watchin a "Health Show" that is full of strife. I am hardly watdhin this show anymore since she cam on. Also I do not appreciate the annocement for the show having to bleep out what Jillian is saying in the middle of the afternoon. She is not setting a good example at all!!!!

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You are so right! I wonder whose idea and decision it was to make her a part of this show. It's a shame that something as great as this show was, could be taken over and changed in such a negative way. I sure hope they listen to their viewers and bid her farewell.
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