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losing weight feels great~

When I was at 159 pounds, even walking was so difficult for me because my feet and legs were always hurting. I tried to eat healthy but I didn't try hard enough. After I was seen by nutritionist, even though she gave me so much stress, I thank her because she helped me to lose weight. When I started losing weight, my feet and legs were not as painful as it used to be. eating healthy wasn't difficult at all. I started on october 17th and I'm down to 140 now. I like to walk more because my feet and leg doesn't hurt as much anymore. I even went to hiking. at first, i was so out of breath but the second time i did it i was able to make it to the top. it was so beautiful. I still have more to lose since I'm only 5 feet tall. 

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Good for you keep up the great work. 

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