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no jullian today. yay!! the show was good today. lots of good information.

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I could only say how happy I was to watch the Drs. show today. It was fantastic, just to see the 4 of them. They were so calm , laughing and enjoying each other like they use too. Dr. jim making us laugh like he use to. The Dr. fans please tune in to this show. You will love it. Hopefully, it will always be this way. Very very informative show. Love it.


It was so nice to watch the show today with Jillian's loud voice and her condeming everyone for their bad choices.


Juli and Jane- Thanks for letting us know!  I wonder if this is going to be an "every Thursday" happening, since it was just last Thursday (10/13) when we also had a "normal" show with just the 4 Dr.'s?  I guess that one day a week is a good start; let's hope it will eventually work up to all five days a week with just the "fab four"!

Producers: the "co-hosts" need their OWN shows!  Stop allowing the ruination of this one!  RESTORE THE FOUR!!!


Jillian is no doctor, I have no idea why she gives docotors orders.

The majority of comments are people who don't like her on the show.

I hope show producers read the comments about Jillian.


I am so annoyed I missed the show except the first 5 minutes !!!  There was breaking news, then the phone rang.  I dont have DVR either.  I really hope they realize how much almost everyone loved just the 4, and will do it again more.  i think though, IMO, the 4 need to gain our trust back thatthey'll be there like it was.


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