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Just a note to say, that stereotyping of single parents and how their children will end up is so very wrong.  I am a single parent of three, My youngest is 19 years old...I have been a single parent since she was 3 months old.  I worked hard to ensure that all three kids had as stable an upbringing as possible and attended a good school district.  There was no child support involved or any other financial means, just pure determination to do the best I could for my kids.  I always lived by the thought that children do not ask to be brought into this world and should not pay the price of their parents mistakes,  My oldest is 25, married for a year now, and finished college, teaching civics full time.  My son, the one that scared me to death; considered gifted yet wanting to fit in better started down the wrong path as a junior in high school.  Out of desperation, knowing that something had to get through to my son to straighten up, at the age of 18 I took him down to Cook County Jail in Chicago and made him take a good look at it explaining that if he were to continue down the path he was on this is where he would end up. It worked and though he did not go right on to college at the age of 21 he has returned to school.  My youngest is 19 and currently attending her sophomore year in college, hoping to enter into the medical profession in some way, it has changed from doctor to surgical nurse, etc.

I am a single parent of three...a very proud single parent of three.  Yes there are many that go down the wrong path, yet raising my kids in a suburban middle and upper middle income area taught me one thing.  There were more kids going down the wrong paths that had parents that bailed them out of everything.  It works both ways.  Kids adopt our standards and hopefully we are setting the right standards and work ethics.