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I have always been ambitious and creative with alot of dreams, but I have recently been diagnosed with an illness that will forever limit me because of pain & fatigue,  even though I am very healthy and health conscious.  So, giant midlife crisis with a pudgy middle.  Bleckh.  I am trying to re-evaluate my goals so I don't have to give up on life and become a big, giant, spud, with my only options as:  baked or mashed?   I still want to contribute.  I thought after I was done being "sandwiched" between elderly parents and my kids I would have all whole new start on life.  Well I do, except, now I have to be super creative to work within my limitations.  And I don't look sick, so its tough getting my family on board to accept a new me & the new life-style forced upon me.    Yes, I am going swimming/walking or sitting on a swing de-stressing, etc... before I give two hoots about your dirty underwear on the bathroom. Well, I try to do that, anyway.

I thought I was going to set the world on fire at this time in my life.  Now.  I just try to make every day count, and really LIVE.   Which as the Dali Lama says, and I para-phrase, can be a giant mess when you just start.  I find that funny, humanizing, and it gives me alot of hope.

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I like to make jokes to make people feel more comfortable.  If I had the nerve, I'd be a stand-up, Lord knows I get enough material. 

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I like to make jokes to make people feel more comfortable.  If I...