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Jasmine jamila baroudi is my name.I am turning 27 in september and I live in Ghana,accra.I am half lebanese half ghanaian.ii have a first degree in psychology and sociology.I love kids and I take part in alot of voluntary work with autistic kids since I am planning on doing my masters in child psychology and in yhe near future have my own autistic care centre.I love life!!!I am free spirited and I love making friends.I do not let things get to me else spoils ma day.I love ma friends and we know how to have a good time.I love the casual look and sometimes the sexy look.most of my friends say I am too nice and I need to be more stern wiv people who desrve it,but I really don't have the spirit to be mean to people.Ithe last thing I bought for ma friend was a bottle of victoria secrets body lotion on her birthday :d.



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