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Viral trends

I thought today's show explaining the scary viral trends was a very important show. How communication is needed   in families communicating how to stay safe. 

  When I was a kid my mom told me that it's okay to have ideas of what I would like to do but please tell her what my idea is first. Then she will tell me if it is safe.

 I asked  her if we could use mushrooms growing in the  backyard grass in our spaghetti sauce. No the mushrooms are poisonous. I have a great idea for a hiding place when we play hide n seek. I showed my mom how I got inside of the dryer. No this is not a good idea and the dryer could start up. Please don't do that again. I have a great idea I want to blow dry my hair when I take a bath. No this isn't a good idea because you could drop the hairdryer and you could be shocked and it could cause death. My father said always look both ways before you cross the street. I even notice sometimes adults don't look both ways when crossing streets or even grocery store parking lots. So I hope that the communication continues in families and people talk to their kids about it's okay to have an idea but to ask their parents first and they will tell you if the idea is safe. 

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Merlins Crazy Mom

I totally agree with you! It freaks me out in parking lots when I see some kid walking with a parent and the kids nose is buried in their phone. The parent does nothing and its so dangerous! scares the snot outta me. I wanna run up and grab their phone and tell them, " if you didnt see me coming up to take your phone then you wouldnt see a car rolling up and hitting you, so PAY ATTENTION! You're in a parking lot, for heavensake!"


Thank you you are so correct. It is sad how distracted people are today. You are so correct I wonder if there are more emergency room visits by people getting hit by cars just because people aren't paying attention. 

Merlins Crazy Mom

What's scary about these viral trends on youtube is there is no one to regulate or at least put up a warning that these are actually dangerous.When the twins were 10, they &a friend thought they'd do the cinnamon challenge! Thankfully they only used a tsp. One of their friends did the salt&ice challenge at age 9! If no one tells them that there could be lasting damage,if there's no grown-up to stop them,they'll do just about anything.The girls told me that kids will dare eachother during recess on what challenge to try&then report back the next day during recess. With smartphones,the internet is at their thumbtips anytime so how are parents supposed to prevent these kinds of things from happening?Terrifying!I try to give them alt challenges,like who can run the farthest in 5 mins.I live in a safe(r) area for them to run around outside to do active healthy challenges.In Oregon theres only so much time to play outside & not get wet &/or frozen so I try to use the drier months as much as possible. 


Wow that is great that you use the drier times to have them play outside. That is so scary how influenced kids are by social media. Glad I didn't have social media when I was younger. Glad also your kids only used one tsp. Wow very scary. Keep up the great work parenting. 

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