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You've come so far in a relatively short amount of time. This is not a short-term fad; this is a new life. You can do this forever. If you EVER feel you're getting stuck, remember, the book has guidance for you. You can go back to previous cycles if need be. Don't beat yourself up over a little weight gain. You've lost it before. You can do it!

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Imagine that you can burn fat and shed up to 15 pounds in as little as 17 days! Jump-start your weight loss with the 17 Day Diet! Dr. Mike Moreno shows you how to whittle down your waist and eat healthy with his new, revolutionary four-Cycle plan. Are you ready to take charge of your health? Once you join the community and sign in, join the 17 Day Diet Club below!

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Sweet Carolina Girls
Friends who go out for karaoke together every Friday night.


Featured Members
Bekki, 39


A former Barbie model who now weighs over 200 pounds. Thanks Dr. Phil for giving her her life back and says she is committed to losing weight on the 17 Day Diet!



Featured Members
Clint, 40


Married to Kim. He is a chef from Trinidad and says that every day is fiesta time. He currently weighs 325 pounds.



Kim, 43


Married to Clint. Says she used to love wearing bikinis, but now weighs 255 pounds. Kim says her husband sabotages her weight loss.



Kristina, 24


Used to be active and fit, but now weighs 200 pounds — the heaviest she has ever been. She suffers from arthritis in her knee and has lower back pain, and is angry at herself for letting her body go.



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