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I'm 63, married and have lived in Jacksonville, FL for 24 years.    I have a son who is 46, married with 2 sons and a daughter, my oldest daughter is 44, single with a 28 year old daughter who has a 9 year old daughter, my youngest daughter is 35 years old, married with 3 sons.  Yep, I'm a great-grandmother and love it.

I love to hear about peoples lives.  When I was a child I was always asking my 81 year old mother to tell me all about when she was a little girl.  I am not normally a very chatty person unless a conversation is about people (NOT GOSSIP!!), places, animals, and any other subject where I learn new things.  I suppose that is why I enjoy The Doctors, Dr. Phil, the history, history international, TLC, animal planet,  OPRA, discovery and discovery health channels the most.

I worked outside (and inside) the home for 25 years.  The first year of retirement was great because I got caughtup on all the things I didn't get to while I worked.  I traveled alot, too.  But now I must say I do get bored sometimes.

I know this profile is supposed to be about me but I would so much like to know who Roger King is and about his life.  I hope I'm not being too nosey.


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I'm 63, married and have lived in Jacksonville, FL for 24 years....