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What's the problem with Jillian?

In the venue of this show, my answer to what's the problem with Jillian is:  EVERYTHING!   She's not the caliber of professional that the audience has come to expect on this show. She's crude, argumentative, pushy and her foul language is not appropriate on this panel.   If her additional was an attempt to get better ratings, it's failing miserably.  She may not be gone any time soon, but I'm gone as of today.  I'll truly miss the other members of the show.

PS Why is Jillian's photo pushed to the front on this website and in advertising?   Don't the original panel deserve better than this for all their much appreciated efforts? I think Dr. Stork's photo next to her speaks volumns.  He looks like he's in pain. 

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I totally agree!  I logged on just to make a comment about Jillian but your words express my thoughts exactly.  I was a HUGE Jillian fan from the biggest loser and the other show she did, plus purchased all her books.  I enjoyed the segments she was on on last seasons doctors, but CANT STAND her as a regular.  I miss the old show with the (4) doctors.  I also cant stand the addition of the blond lady.  I am sure she is nice, and it's not personal, but this show is just too crowded now. They all talk over each other, argue, it's so negative and stressful to watch.  It would be OK if Jillian is a regular on the panel, but NOT in the forefront.  Just a segment will do.  The show has lost all credibility.  You guys have "jumped the shark".  Didnt you learn from all the other shows in the past that added the cute little kid to bring up ratings (cousin oliver on brady bunch, the cosby show etc etc).  The shows were canned shorly after that.  And of course, when Fonzi "jumped the shark" on Happy Days, it was over.    If the show stays as is, I just cant watch one more day.  It's like nails scatching on a chalkboard...........


Agreed Jillian is making the show terrible, on todays epissode no one else can get a word in she is constently interupting everyone its annoying. Im not going to continue watching till they kick her off which will hopefully be ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shes not even a doctor wtf


I agree with you especially her comments are not either support but broader data or information.  Most important, her consideration around societal issues are extreme and people's choice are the root cause of obesity, unexpected pregnancy..etc.     


I am not sure her presence on the show add any more credibility.  In fact, she hurts the shows overall objectivity toward health issues.  She is a fitness expert. NOT A DOCTOR so let's face it.  If Jillian can go a PHD or an MD . I 'd actually consider some of what she says is valid.  Gie her the BOOT.. Bring someone else in that can add more value to the viewers.



I was thinking the SAME thing about the picture at the top with JM front and center.  Dr. Stork does not look happy to say the least, whether he is in pain or stressed out or whatever, he just doesn't look his happy and confident self.



Curly- I love your comment; it expresses MY opinion precisely!  And, the word "stressful" is exactly the right word choice!  I used to look forward to watching this show, to learn and become better informed about health issues.  But, after the addition of the new "co-hosts", there is an increased feeling of anxiety and tension on the set, and I can feel my own blood pressure rising while just listening to the LOUD, and frequently profane, verbal exchanges and comments!  So, as of today, 9/19/11, I officially STOPPED watching the show!  I'll tune in again, if/when the "co-hosts" are given their pink slips!  (I am just wondering if the four original DOCTORS are feeling any angst with this new format?  I know that they would never admit it publicly, but I would love to be a "fly on the wall" during a conversation with just the four MEDICAL DOCTORS present!).



I agree.  Jillian took over the show and I can no longer enjoy the show with all the screaming.  I am not happy with the changes to the show.  If the show’s ratings were dropping before, now they will plummet.  I don’t like the new season because of the increased negativity between the doctors.  I’ll start watching again when a guest doesn’t have to worry about being judged.  I felt extremely bad for the mother of the pregnant fifteen year old.  She did not deserve to be yelled at like she was.  She is not a bad mother.  Teenagers are going to have sex.  All you can do is teach them to do is to be safe.  The Doctors TV Show was amazing before the changes, please go back to the original four doctors.


I totally agree with everyone on this page. Jillian has to go!!!! The show is going to lose a tremendous amount of their audience if she doesn't. I also felt that the way she treated the mother of the pregnant 15 year old was in poor taste. Not being a parent herself, she has no right to judge anyone on their parenting skills. I would like to see her and how she would handle it when she becomes a parent and her teenager starts thinking and acting for themselves. You can not be their every waking minute of your teenagers day. You love them, teach them, guide them, pray for them but sometimes they still make stupid mistakes and all you can do as a parent is love them and be there as a support for them at that point. Jillian needs to get a clue and keep her mouth shut unless she is talking about fittness. The real answer though is get rid of her; she has ruined the show. She is an addition the show did not need!!!


I agree!! They really made a poor decision when they allowed her to be on full time.  She is entirely to loud, abrasive, and just down right mean!! She talks over all of the Drs.... Sorry Jillian...please leave the Doctors it's a healthier enviornment without you there =(


Wow, I thought is was just me ... I use to make sure I watched the show everyday and if I couldn't be home I would record it. Since they added Jullian everyday I have stopped watching it and have stopped recording it. I liked her on the Biggest Loser but dislike her on the Doctors. Their ratings have to be declining. If anyone from the network is reading these post, please take heed! I totally agree and I've stopped watching the show!


i just joined so I can specifically comment about Jillian.  She really needs to go.  Im liking the new season less and less with her on it. The show was way better without her.  Shes loud and obnoxious. She should save it for the gym. She had a really bad attitude on the show the other day when they were talking about teens and sex. jillin +the doctors = bad show. 


Makes the 4 original DRs have less credibility ..... before there was some realness to it, now it is just a bunch of people ...... (what just about everyone has said so far all over this messageboard).



I totally agree with everything that has been said and have not been watching the show.  Please go back to the way it was, I loved it and learned new things daily.  I watched faithfully and took notes as well.  Why change something that wasn't broke, and I am sorry but Jillian Michaels does not fit in here. She was barely tolerable as a guest.  She belongs on some other show where she can be as loud and abnoxious as she likes.  These reality segments and addictions are not shows I want to see.  There are enough of those on television, the newspapers, real life, and I want to sit down and relax and enjoy watching your show, and learn something new.  I will not be watching anymore unless changes are made.


I agree. Dcotors. Great show. But take Jillian off as a regular. Shes not a Doctor. I really liked her in the biggest loser and all her books. Im starting to lose interest in her all together and in the show with her being a regular. Take her off.


i just stopped recording the show until they take that LOUD MOUTH JILLIAN OFF !!!!!! never liked her on anything !!!


Stopped watching.  Will tune in the MINUTE I hear she's booted off the show. 


I never noticed until I read this blog!! You are correct, Dr. Stork appears to be in pain! Actually if you look at the whole picture...only the two newbies are smiling!  WHY??????


I don't like the show like the old one. Jullian just doesn't seem to fit in right for this show. Please bring back the old ones. I just don't watch it when she is on. The extra guests are ok but not all the time. Can't stand her as a regular either.. Sorry but it ruins the show.

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