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V-8 Fusion... Too Good to be True?

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Icon_missing_medium caroneko 1 post

V-8 Fusion has been a Godsend.

I don’t get enough fruits and veggies everyday and I don’t like the traditional vegetable cocktails.  I was looking at the ingredients, however, and they puzzled me.  It’s very high in sugar… but are these natural sugars?

In short… is this beautiful beverage too good to be true?  Is it really good for you?  Does it really contain one serving of fruits and vegetables per cup?  I know eating the fresh produce is probably better… but can this juice be a good substitute, preferrable to getting no veggies at all?

Bw-alaskan_medium Alaska 18 posts

1.) One 8-oz. glass of V8 Fusion is said to have one serving of fruits and vegetables.

1A) It has absolutely no fiber (check your label). So why is V8 allowed to falsely advertise it as a serving of fruit and vegetable? We all know that real fruit and vegetables contain fiber. With no fiber content, you can’t have a fruit or vegetable?

2.) One 8-oz. glass of V8 Fusion is said to have no added sugars and/or fructose corn syrup (lethal in large doses with regularity).

2A) The calories come from sugars in the drink albeit they are supposedly “natural.” When you consider the fact that your body breaks everything down into sugar when you ingest it, to add more sugar…??? This particular type of drink effects the body’s blood sugar level and insulin response. Soda has been called “diabetes in a can” or “diabetes in a bottle.” I think the same could be said of V8 Fusion because many people who are purchasing this product are not limiting themselves to just one serving. They are using it as a “main” in dieting and alternatives to supposed “healthier” eating though there is nothing healthy about this product.

3.) One 8-oz. glass of V8 Fusion is said to have between 50 and 170 calories depending on the flavor you choose.

3A) Considering the fact that these calories come from sugar…see number two (#2) above. Consider also that elevated levels of sugar are one of the main factors in common health issues and health issues that are life threatening.

4.) One 8-oz. glass of V8 Fusion contains anywhere from 70 to 80 mg of sodium depending on which flavor you choose.

4A) This amount of sodium is TWICE the amount of sodium found in 8-0z. of Pepsi or Coca Cola. Too much sodium is bad for your blood pressure and isn’t always heart-friendly. It’s also bad for bloating and water retention. Not good for those dieters wanting to be thin.

Those are all my reasons I give V8 Fusion a total “thumbs down,” however, they are just my personal reasons which may be different than other people’s logic. I tend to be more toward healthier eating and that includes zapping from one’s diet anything that is falsely represented as healthy. Kind of like when organic is represented as organic and it’s not because it’s been genetically modified and tampered with. [shrugs]

Photo_41_medium melissaw72 4594 posts

V8 Fusion light is very grainy when it hits your mouth…not worth drinking…havent tried the regular kind….how much sugar is in it or is it pure vege/fruit juice?


Icon_missing_medium luvthedrs 4 posts

I can’t see it as being a real good thing, but I do find it helps when I want to drink something that has taste instead of water alone. I will fix it 1 part juice to 4 parts water just to get that taste. I was hoping that it is better than soda.?

Photo_41_medium melissaw72 4594 posts

I would think it is better than soda.  Less sugar/artificial sweetener.


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